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Can a man and woman be “just friends?”

After graduating from law school with honours, Edwin Santora, Abigail’s occasional ex and handsome housemate, could get a job anywhere he wants. Of all the places to land, why does he take a position with her small firm? As if sharing a house with her irresistible ex isn’t bad enough, it quickly becomes the least of her concerns. When Edwin’s macho arrogance begins to seriously affect her dating life, Abigail starts to reconsider their friendship; not that Edwin believes a man and woman can be “just friends” anyway.

With Edwin’s swoon-worthy stunts and fierce persistence, Abigail finds herself catching feelings. When Edwin makes a friendly proposal, no-strings-attached, Abigail can’t resist.

After some sexy role playing, she finds herself dangerously in love and wrapped back up in Edwin’s powerful grip. When Abigail risks everything, revealing a treacherous little secret, will their friendship pass the test? Or will they give in to the mysterious forces trying to drive them apart?

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Edwin Santora’s eyes were on me the second our solid wood door clunked shut.  After kicking off my shoes and giving a silent wave to my brooding, shirtless roommate, I rushed directly upstairs taking two steps at a time.

Within seconds, Edwin was flying up the stairs behind me, all brawn and pride.  He stalked me down the hall, his large agile physique a shadow of stealth.

No matter how smooth Edwin thought he was, I could always sense when he was lurking around.

I disappeared into the bathroom, ignoring his approach, heart still racing, cheeks flushed with a healthy glow.  It had been way too long and it was time for me to move on with my life.  The days of Edwin and I were over and I had finally faced that fact.  For that reason, I trusted my matchmaking to an eager co-worker.  What else could I do?  I didn’t seem to have any luck finding myself a man.

Edwin filled the doorframe with his imposing shoulders.  “Where are you going all dolled up like that?”

I should have slammed the door shut behind me while I had the chance.  The last thing I needed now was Edwin giving me a hard time.  It had been months since my last date and let’s just say that it’s not possible for this one to go any worse than that one had.

After carefully touching up my mascara in the mirror, I twirled around to face him, my glossy, brown hair fanning out behind me.  “I got a date!”  I smiled from honest excitement, but I really didn’t have time to chat about it.

“Who is he?” Edwin pried.

“You don’t know him.”

Edwin’s chest flexed under my warm gaze, his abs held tight, sculpted from stone.  Oh, I love watching him sweat.  He narrowed his aqua eyes in response to my devious smile.  Then, as if on cue, the doorbell rang.

I made my way to the bathroom door, but Edwin boxed me out with his hip and took off ahead of me.  He hurried down the hall with swift, powerful strides, every muscle in his body twitching with adrenaline.  There was no point in trying to fight him for the front door.  He had me beat.

“Do you think you could put on a shirt, Eddie?  Please?”

Edwin shuffled down the stairs and ignored my request.  “I’ll get it,” he hollered.  He was all too eager to answer the door and his mischievous grin gave away his greedy intentions.

“Edwin, be good!” I warned, stopping at the top of the open staircase.

“What?  I’m always good.”  He flashed me a sly smile and raised his dark arched eyebrows.

I knew it meant trouble, as the butterflies danced nervously in my tummy.  Edwin had better not blow this one too.  He had a tendency of scaring away my dates.  It was getting old.  I clung to the wooden post, hoping the poor guy would pass the test.

Edwin opened the front door ever so slightly and started in on his usual act, deliberately blocking my view.  Bastard.  Then he cracked the door open a little farther, teasing, his generous back still in the way.

He folded his bulging arms over his impressive chest and stared down at my date with eyes dark and voice low.  “Can I help you?” he asked firmly, acting all macho.

I nearly burst out laughing and had to hide the smile on my face to show that I was not amused.  Even if I was.

“Is this the home of Abigail Jenkins?” the poor guy asked, hesitantly.

“Yes,” Edwin answered, but he didn’t invite him in.

“Edwin!” I warned, scowling at his back.  I’d had enough.  As I started down the stairs to intervene, I struggled to interpret their mumbling.  It was time that I took things into my own hands.

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authChrista Simpson is a small town Canadian girl who enjoys beaches, dancing and dirt track car races. She lives in Tilbury, Ontario, with her husband and two beautiful daughters. On an ideal day you’ll find her relaxing on the beach, reading by the poolside or getting into trouble with her girls. You’re more likely to find her procrastinating with her bestie, working her butt off or chauffeuring her active family around.

Christa delivers in modern day fantasies with the most captivating alpha men and her breezy, entertaining writing style. She’s an all or nothing kind of girl whose mission in life is to prove that women do it better. Her romance novels are loaded with passion, suspense and sarcasm, much like her life. Pick up the first books in her Twisted and Destiny Series for free—no strings attached!


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Book Blast Blog Tour Review: Twisted-KayCee R.

Today, I am excited to be participating in my very first blog tour! Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Kathy over at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for letting me in on this fun opportunity.
3/5 Stars
Twisted (Twisted, #1)-KayCee R. 

Twisted Excerpts – Choose your favorite

  1. I pushed the guy’s weight off me so I could get up to see if Dom caught the ball, but I stopped short when I looked up at who had tackled me. It was… me?  I must have hit my head. Hard. I heard cheers roaring, but they felt like they were coming from far away. That I was watching from a distance, even though I was there on the field.
  2. I started walking towards the door and felt something pulling me. Then I was flung back and thrown onto the couch. I tried to fight against it with my powers but at that moment, I didn’t have any powers left. My limbs went numb and my eyes got heavy.
  3. I held on to my memory of her as I took my last breath. Her wide bright smile and her beautiful green eyes sparkled as she looked at me. I stared into her eyes and, in that instant, everything was okay.
  4. He pulled my face back to his and started kissing me again. It wasn’t how I had always pictured it, the few times that I pictured it at all. I always thought if we ever kissed it would be full of passion, but he kissed me powerfully. Masterfully. I wanted to pull away and really tell him off, but what he was doing felt so nice…
  5. He told me all I ever wanted to hear from him, and it was horrible because it came at what cost? His death? Mine? Both? What ever happened to fairy tale endings? The endings in movies where the good guys win and where he and I would end up happily ever after? Instead it was a delusion while we waited for our deaths.
  6. I don’t know how to explain how I am, what I am. Ever since I hit puberty, I’ve been different. I was thirteen when the changes started happening. I started getting incredibly fast and strong. It wasn’t normal. I wasn’t normal. I was turning into a freak. I could crumple a brick in my hand like it was a piece of paper. When I ran, I was passing cars on the freeway and that wasn’t even me running at full speed. When I was running at full speed I wasn’t much more than a blur to anyone else. I never understood how this happened, or why it happened to me.

Cayden Rivers wants nothing more than to be normal, but we don’t always get what we want. For years he has been hiding a secret, afraid of being labeled a “freak”. Every day he goes to school, plays football, spends time with his girlfriend, and helps carry his drunken adopted father to bed. Nobody knows the truth about his unnatural speed and strength, including his life-long friend Camilla.

Suddenly, four strangers enter Cayden’s life, and not only do they know his secret, they also have one of their own. With their help, Cayden discovers there is more to his power, something much more dangerous. Something other people will kill to possess.

Camilla wishes her parents were around more. She gets lonely sleeping in her big empty house night after night. Sure, she has all the money she could ever need, but the only person who is there for her is Cayden. He has his own family and a girlfriend who takes up most of his time, so Camilla knows he won’t be there for her forever, and recently he’s been acting really strange.

Will Cayden be able to keep his secret and his friendship with Camilla, or will his new found power destroy everything, including his own life?

Switching between Cayden and Camilla’s point of view, Twisted will leave you aching for more.

Personally, I love quote 5. That was my favorite scene in the book.
  • Cayden and Camilla are so perfect together their names are an alliteration. Their natural, relaxed interactions, their ability to understand how far to push, when to fight, and when to keep quiet is remarkable. They care for each other so much, transcend their not-so-fabulous lives, and make the world a brighter place by being together. They’re chemistry isn’t the kind of lusty, sexual tension that’s common in YA, but something more honest, deeper. It’s actually kind of beautiful.
  • The story was unconventional, unique, and quite a refresher from the angels, demons, vampires, and werewolves.
  • The plot was a little slow at first but as the mysterious nature of Cayden’s powers are revealed, the massive amount of questions about his past, his capabilities, and what exactly he is will have you digging in, frantically flipping the pages seeking a dramatic revelation.
  • Cayden’s secret, his insecurities, and how alone he feels not only in his home life but in his confusion about his powers is moving. The exploration of his inner struggles, his fight to keep up his normal, popular image, and the war between who he really is, and who he wants to become is one everyone can relate to.
  • Cayden’s necklace. What a creative, brilliant idea! Also, I seriously hope someone with jewelry making talent takes fangirling to the next level, and puts them out for sale.
  • There were a few typos, spelling errors, and weird grammatical constructions. Also, several echoes (repetition of the same word in preceding sentences multiple times).
  • Cayden is stubborn to the point of pushing people away, and is really harsh when he’s frustrated. Although he is a strong protagonist, some of his actions are questionable (he dates a very superficial, bitchy, paranoid, and extremely jealous girl with no substance). For being such a genuine, nice guy he’s pretty blind to what’s in front of him. This is infuriating, and his distancing from his family, and friends makes him hard to get to know.
  • The pranks, training, and general fighting between the characters is hilarious. Their jokes are definitely something worth reading over and over for laughs.
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About the author:

KayCee is a 24 year old self-published author from Cleveland, Ohio. KayCee has always loved reading. After a re-occurring dream she decided to try writing about it. She wrote the first installment of Twisted when she was 20.

“I kept having this dream about these twins, and then I just decided to run with it. I wrote the beginning, the end, and then filled in the middle.”

KayCee finished the book in 8 months and then decided to share the book online. After seeing people get interested in the book and the characters, she decided to write another book and turn Twisted into a series.

KayCee has finished four novels in the Twisted series and is currently working on the fifth book.

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