Review: Not so [Beautiful Creatures]

Beautiful Creatures-Kami Garcia




I know I’m behind but here’s what’s up. Just finished Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and am a Kindle 15% into Alpha by Rachel Vincent. Since I’ve never blogged a book review I’m not sure how to tackle this apart from summarizing and breaking it down into substantial pros and cons. Here we go:

Ethan Wate in the typical vein of many YA books is unsatisfied with the mundane, boring state of his life and wants to escape his small historical town to find some of the adventures he’s read about in his favorite books. He’s got his best friend Link and goes on and on about the social hierarchy in his high school that’s been the same for generations (this becomes slightly annoying, except for the Snow Queen descriptions). The history of the town and significance of family names plays a critical role in understanding the town’s reaction to outsiders. Lena, the town hermit Macon’s niece moves into town and all hell breaks loose. Everyone is talking, gossip is prevalent in this book. There’s a new girl in town and word on the street is 1) she’s HOT and 2) she drives a hearse. Meanwhile, Ethan nearly dies from excitement and *hint hint* suddenly recalls the creepy dreams he’s been having about a beautiful girl he loves but cannot save. Low and behold, when Ethan and Lena meet, he know without a doubt that this is the girl from his dreams. Lena doesn’t look like the other tan blondes that rule the school (go figure) and instantly becomes an outcast. A series of events unfold that amount to Ethan’s expulsion from popularity in order to be with Lena (the sacrifice) and a curse that threatens to end Lena’s life as she knows it on her 16th birthday. About half of the book is Ethan and Lena on the hunt for a way to save Lena from Fate.

1. Parallels to the Salem witch hunts in regards to persecution of those that are outsiders and in this case actual witches
2. Rich sense of history and loyalty to family heritage
3. Dual love story that seems to transcend time (in some instances it does -cue creepy locket flashbacks)
4. Fate got its ass KICKED
5. The cheerleaders got what was coming to them
6. Cute makeout scenes and some genuinely beautiful descriptions of Lena and Ethan’s love for one another
7. Ridley
8. Amma’s old fashioned magic, calling of the ancestors
9. Macon. Town meeting.

1. One of the most predictable stories I’ve ever read (except for the ending, most things are hinted at to the point that you want to punch the protagonists in the face because they’re so slow!)
2. Ethan does not have an authentic masculine voice throughout, sometimes it falters and loses character
3. Shabby word choice
4. Once again predictability (this killed me)
5. Lena is whiny and often Bella Swan-like in that she accepts her fate, gets all emo and is very unlikeable for some of the books. Her redeeming qualities are her paybacks to the popular girls, who wouldn’t want to see that (however, even those attempts were sometimes flimsy) and the fact that she’s a poet.
6. I don’t quite understand how Macon’s dog being his spy had anything to do with the great reveal of him being an Incubus (this def could have been explained better)
7. Too many ghosts. At first it was okay. Visions from a locket that were connected to both the curse and Wate family was one of the cooler parts of the story (I loved Genevieve and Ethan’s tragic love story). Bringing in Ethan’s dead mother to help them in a way that turned out to be a letdown that they’re later told anyways by a different character was disappointing and flawed to say the least.
8. There were so many subplots that it seemed messy and unfinished.

Overall it wasn’t too bad, not one of my favorites but pleasant enough to not go on a book burning spree.

Btw, TONIGHT I will both see and blog about The Hunger Games! Be excited!