Review: Coven-Lacey Weatherford

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cooltext1889161239 copyKenna Mangum was born a witch. She’s always known it -her family has always known it – from the moment she burst into flames in her father’s arms after she was born.

Denied interaction with regular society while she was coached into controlling her powers, Kenna has always felt a longing to join the rest of the world and get to experience a “normal” life.

Now her wish is about to be granted.

But when Kenna walks into public school for the first time, she immediately locks eyes with Jett Blackstone and realizes all chances of “normal” just disappeared.

cooltext1889171582 copy3/5 Stars


  • Kenna is fiery (literally). She’s spirited, confident, she’s unafraid to speak her mind and challenge others. Totally BA, she will not back down from a fight, preferring to take things head on. Kenna is definitely the firecracker Vance lovingly nicknamed her as. Kenna is fierce in mind and body. Her words pack a powerful punch, as do her fists. A passionate dancer, Kenna wants to experience life to its fullest and let her heart run free. Kenna firmly believes that women are just as deadly as men and takes opportunities to prove it; she refuses to let people diminish her because of her sex. In that way, Kenna is a role model for honing in on talents, believing that women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to, and being assertive. Despite her confidence, Kenna is confused, scared, and lays her heart on the line. She doesn’t know what to do, she makes mistakes, and though she’s magical, her challenges make her human and relatable.
  • A love triangle of epic proportions. Drama, drama, drama. Kenna feels drawn to both guys-one, the sexy bad boy, the other, the sweetheart that will do anything for her. The chemistry is off the charts hot. The tension radiates off the page so consuming that you kind of feel bad for Kenna but I mean, what a lovely dilemma and so much fun. Both guys have things going for them, neither is perfect and just when you think there’s an obvious choice, their actions will surprise you. It’s messy, emotional, and causes chaos for Kenna but the friendship between this trio is natural, exhilarating and together, they make each other better, more than they were and their magic grows exponentially. 
  • Vance is as dark and playful as ever. It’s adorable seeing his love and adoration for Kenna. She’s his baby and their connection is comical. Being able to read his sexy thoughts about her mother is way awkward but hilarious and you can feel their bond, it glows and builds as the story progresses. 
  • Jett is the redeemable bad boy. He’s sarcastic, aggressive, assertive, and full of innuendo that is occasionally blatant vulgarity. His dominant vibe draws Kenna like a moth to flame, no matter how hard she resists, the temptation is still there. Jett is not wholly wicked, he has a big heart and is willing to be the caring charmer underneath all the baggage of his demonic coven. For Kenna, he’s willing to do anything and everything to win her affection. 
  • Seth is confident but down to Earth. Full of chivalry and good intention, his dimples and honesty make him insanely attractive. He goes out of his way to make Kenna feel comfortable and welcome, their make out scenes are sinfully sexy. Seth is not perfect. He gets carried away and has made mistakes in love in the past but he’s open and never denies Kenna the truth, even if it makes him look bad.



  • I spent most of the book waiting for a climax. The story trickled along as the love triangle grew steadily stronger but outside of the relationship drama, not much else happened up until the last two chapters of the book.
  • Secondary characters fell into the background and simply fizzled out. What could have been as interesting friendship with Stephanie or animosity with Megan faded away as all emphasis was placed on the main trio. Even Portia fell into the blank space, her personality flickering in and out of the story.
  • Parts of the story felt disconnected almost as if this were two separate books. Vance and Portia’s drama played a large secondary role. Their struggles to reclaim Portia’s lost magic and references to the Of Witches and Warlocks series were big chunks of summary and a whole bunch of information if you don’t know Portia and Vance’s whole history. It was a bit overwhelming, even for me, and I’ve read the entire series.
  • Kenna’s relationship with Seth and Jett made me uncomfortable. The weird ménage aspect felt too adult and somewhat creepy. There’s a particular scene after they make their big decision that made me pause and question their feelings towards each other.

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