Review: Lonely Souls-Karice Bolton

2.5/5 Stars

Lonely Souls (Witch Avenue, #1)- Karice Bolton


I’m not into wasting time, mine or anyone else’s. I don’t know how else to get this through your head. But you’re the only one I’ve ever dreamed of being with. You’ve saved me on so many levels, and I’m forever in your debt, and am willing to wait for however long it takes.

Plot: Triss is meeting her mother at their favorite spot on the beach because she has something important to tell her. Triss just graduated from high school and is planning on joining the Witch Avenue coven soon. She is exhilarated and confused about what her mother wants to tell her and when she cannot immediately spot her on the beach starts to panic. After a thorough search, Triss finds her mom’s purse, jewelry and clothing but there’s no sight of her mother. Finally succumbing to hysteria she calls the police but they come up empty-handed. A short time later, the Witch Avenue Order holds a memorial for her mother where everyone seems to think it’s time to forget and move on, but Triss can’t shake the feeling that her mother is very much alive. Triss’s mother’s best friend Ellsy and her son Logan are her only comfort on this horrific day that only escalates into a nightmare when Triss is locked in a flower cooler and harassed by a lonely soul. A lonely soul is soul trapped in a place like purgatory but it is essentially a void-like, endless hallway. These souls can be used and controlled by black magic. Logan, Ellsy, her Aunt, and Triss are unsure of what to do about the lonely soul but believe Triss’s life is in danger. During the ceremony where she is accepted into the Witch Avenue Order, a gathering of hooded figures attack and Logan is able to battle them off with black magic. The Witch Avenue Order visits Triss later that night and casts her out of the coven for being a liability. On a journey to uncover her past, Triss is forced to flee her home with Logan and hide in the woods. There, they learn spells, healing mixtures, and discover secrets about Triss’s heritage all to find her mother.


  • Logan, Triss’s love interest, brings much needed flirtatiousness and comic relief to the story. He also definitely has a hot, swoon worthy look, a bad boy vibe that flirts with darkness, and a charming way of protecting Triss from danger. 
  • The knowledge of herbs, flowers, their healing properties and uses as protective elements was both accurate and informative.
  • The mysterious disappearance of Triss’s mother was intriguing and suggestive, making the reader hunger for the secrets she’s surely hiding.


  • Triss is extremely annoyingly self-righteous to the point where her character was aggravating.
  • The love story was too simple, too easy, and really cheesy with big speeches about how love made one discovery one’s self and feel all sorts of crazy emotions. Generally, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing but it was excessive, so it lost some of its meaning.
  • The enemy is not scary, sort of boring, and anticlimactic.
  • The lonely souls were mentioned briefly, showed up a couple of times, but didn’t cause much damage. More emphasis should have been placed on these beings if the book it titled after them.
  • The Witch Avenue coven was barely significant.

Overall, Lonely Souls was pretty average and not something that I would immediately talk about or think to recommend to a friend.