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cooltext1889161239 copySeventeen-year-old Nadia Petrov is an outcast in her tight-knit community of people with special abilities. Nadia must invade people’s dreams to survive. She sneaks into sleeping victims’ rooms, slips into their heads, and then turns their dreams into horrifying nightmares.

When a new girl arrives at her compound, Nadia can’t resist giving the girl a nightmare. In the dream world, Nadia discovers Hunter Sullivan, a soul trapped in the girl’s mind. Intrigued by Hunter, Nadia secretly builds a relationship with him in the dream world, and they find solace through each other.

Unable to accept a love fated for dreams, Nadia must risk losing the safety of her community to help Hunter get back to his body before he’s lost forever.

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  • Nadia is complex. Her ability is simultaneously terrifying and wicked cool. When Nadia shifts into nightmare mode, the scenes are gripping, horrific pieces of loss. Beautiful dreams are tainted by her mere presence as objects explode into clouds of black. Nadia is conflicted, she’s upset with the pain that she’s forced to cause others by her mere existence and yet, she realizes that in order to survive, she must. Unable to interact in the real world and closed off, Nadia doesn’t have much of a social life. You immediately feel compassion towards her, you sympathize with her unique situation because she’s a sweetheart and all she wants is to have normal relationships. Haunted by a traumatic past of death and fear, her terror is as real and gritty as what she makes others experience in their nightmares. 
  • Hunter is a gorgeous mystery. His predicament is inventive and precarious. Trapped in another body, his lack of control is like chains weighing him down. Hunter wants nothing more than to escape but with so much time alone in the void, his anger and resentment builds. All of his emotions are a furious storm. Hunter, despite his horrendous imprisonment never gives up, in fact, he grows stronger as his love for Nadia blossoms. Hunter finds something to fight for and it’s lovely getting his perspective on Nadia. He sees what everyone else dismisses, her beauty, her light and her passion.  
  • Together, Nadia and Hunter are bashful and shy. They’re curious about each other and undeniably attracted. They’re pulled to each other like a powerful magnet. The chemistry is soft and sweet, it builds naturally.
  • Jackie is the character you love to hate. She’s self-absorbed, dangerous, and cunning. She’s pretty sassy. Her interactions with Hunter are made of playful banter and torment. Jackie is not what she seems. Forced into a bad situation, Jackie is a survivor above all else. Regardless, her one-track mind makes her easy to despise. Jackie will surprise you. Underneath is all there’s a scared little girl who just wants to be free. 


  • The world of the compound and the HPA (Human Preservation Agency) was thrust upon the reader immediately with Hunter’s section and felt like an overload of information. The setting, one where humans and supernatural live side-by-side with knowledge of each other wasn’t explained clearly and it took a while for the pieces to fall into place. 
  • Chapters were short, particularly Hunter’s sections and cut off quickly. I thirsted for more of his internal dialogue. 
  • Parts of the story that could have been expanded upon were left with little explanation and a lot of questions. Scenes in the Haven were short-lived but intriguing. There sheer variety of supernaturals and the potential for new characters was there but undeveloped. The supernaturals at the compound were merely mentioned and for the most part, forgotten. The magical necklaces, the wood nymph, all of these small pieces that made the compound what it was were pushed to the background and only surfaced occasionally. 

cooltext1921345213 copyHe steps closer and stares down at me. He tucks my hair behind my ear.   “Don’t feel bad, Nadia.”

I pucker my lips. It’s easier said than done. Jacqueline hasn’t done anything wrong to me and even if Hunter thinks she deserves the fate we’re forcing on her, I don’t. “This is why I’m a monster.”

His brows furrow. “You’re not though. You’re only coming here because of me. If I weren’t here, you’d never invade Jacqueline’s dreams.”

Tears blur my vision. “I hate this.”

He looks into my eyes for a few moments before leaning closer and kissing my cheek. “I don’t want you to feel this way. It was never my intention for you to feel guilty or hateful. I want you to be happy just like you were when we first met.”

I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him softly on the lips. “I don’t think I can.”

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Ginna Moran is a writer living in Austin, Texas but originally from Southern California. She started writing poetry as a teenager in a spiral notebook that she still has tucked away on her desk today. Her love of writing grew after she graduated high school and she completed her first unpublished manuscript at age eighteen.

When she realized her love of writing was her life’s passion, she studied literature at Mira Costa College in Northern San Diego. Besides writing novels, she was senior editor, content manager, and image coordinator for Crescent House Publishing Inc. for four years.

Aside from Ginna’s professional life, she enjoys binge watching television shows, playing pretend with her daughter, and cuddling with her dogs. Some of her favorite things include chocolate, anything that glitters, cheesy jokes, and organizing her bookshelf. Ginna is currently hard at work on her next novel.

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