Review: Connections-Erin V. Moore

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cooltext1889161239 copy“Nothing’s been the same since that night. One fateful night among a million ordinary ones. The night I pray to forget but painfully remember. No, everything CHANGED on that night. Even if I didn’t want to believe it.”

18 year old twins-Ana and Brian have an unusual connection-a supernatural link through the same dreams. Their connection has been a long held secret… until now.

When one of their nightmares bleeds into reality, leaving a mark and changing the way the twins see their connection.

As the twins start their first year of college, Brian wants to explore the possibilities of the dreams’ meaning. Ana just wants to forget. But there’s no escaping when the dream becomes reality.

When the ones Ana cares for are in danger, she must conquer her fears to delve into the mysteries of the dreams. With the help of a new friend, Aiden, Ana pushes the limits of their twin abilities. Along the way, Ana and Aiden’s friendship grows quickly and the special connection she has with Aiden surpasses her own dreams.

Can the twin connection save Ana’s brother and her friends or cause them to lose more than any of them can endure?

cooltext1889171582 copy3/5 Stars

***I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author.

Connections takes (t)winning to a whole new level. 


  • The premise of shared dreams, emotions, and memories through twin connections was fascinating and sucked you right into the storyline as their nightmares became increasingly more gruesome. 
  • Action scenes were two-fold bursts of adrenaline and terror as Ana’s premonitions became reality. Seeing the chaos and fear through Ana’s eyes and then first hand upped the adrenaline and overall suspense. 
  • Ana and Brian are playful, their love is deep and precious, full of insight and adoration. You can feel every ounce of their connection. 
  • Aiden and Ana are adorable together. Despite their blossoming affection being tinged with great anxiety and fear for their friends, it strengthens their bond. They find ways to balance the search, their abilities, and attraction while learning each other and succumbing to their intense chemistry. 


  • Repetitive word choice was a little grating at times. The constant allusions to butterflies tumbling, somersaulting, fluttering, etc., was distracting and took away from the easy flow of the story. 
  • Occasional typos and misuse of words. 
  • The complex relationship between Caleb and Ana was a guessing game. Besides the knowledge that they’d been friends since childhood, the blossoming chemistry and interactions between them were few. I would have liked to have seen more glimpses of their past, their childhood, and how the shift in feelings happened. 
  • The connection between Aiden and Ana developed quickly, almost too quickly and was extremely trusting. In a matter of days, secrets Ana kept buried were shared with little thought. The fact that Ana’s parents were so understanding was borderline unbelievable, and that they put so much faith in her abilities when for the most part Ana was just winging in.

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