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***I recieved this ARC in exchange for an honest review and particpation in this blog tour, hosted by Enticing Journey Book Promotions

4/5 Stars

Tricks (Take it Off, #6)-Cambria Hebert

One of the best things about Cambria Hebert’s books is that they’re semi-addictive, they drag you in with their warmth and mystery and suddenly 3-5 hours of your life has gone by as you drifted away, enraptured by the story. As someone who has read 3/6 in the Take it Off series I can honestly tell you that these books can be read as a stand alone, they don’t need to be read in order, although some characters do overlap briefly. That being said, for my YA READERS this is an adult book and does contain some graphic scenes. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Tucker and Charlotte. Be prepared to melt.


Love can play tricks on your heart… After serving several years in the United States Marine Corps, Sergeant Tucker Patton decides to hang up his uniform and go to work at a private investigative firm owned by his buddy. His boxes are packed and he’s got one foot out the door when a phone call changes everything.

Instead of going to North Carolina, he heads to New York City to literally step into the life of his twin brother, who died under suspicious circumstances. But pretending to be someone else isn’t easy.

Especially when the person you’re supposed to be is wanted dead.
Not only that, but he’s going from being blissfully single to living with his brother’s woman. An uptight, no-nonsense lawyer.

Charlotte Rose Carter doesn’t have time for fun and games. She graduated with honors and made all the right moves fresh out of college to jumpstart her career as a successful young lawyer. She even snagged the most eligible bachelor in New York City’s corporate world.

So what if her and Max’s relationship isn’t burning up the sheets? So what if their life doesn’t read like a chapter from a sizzling romance novel? This is the real world, and in the real world that stuff is just fantasy.

Until it isn’t.

Suddenly, just the slightest touch or a single glance from Max has her heart doing somersaults. Suddenly, the lackluster relationship begins to spark, and Charlotte finds herself tied in a knot of desire.

But she has no idea about the tricks being played right under her perky little nose.


  • Tucker pushes people away, afraid to get to close after the losses he faced as a Marine and the memories of war that haunt his everyday life. He is wild, sexy, and has the dirtiest thoughts. His descriptions of female bodies are to die for. And the way he talks will leave you blushing, breathless and hungry for more. Tucker, on the surface doesn’t feel like a complex character but the more you read the deeper he gets. He’s got layers of personality that once stripped back are raw and open and make you almost forget his years of one night stands. Tucker is consumed by lust, he wants to have fun and experience and truly live after the being in the war zones. Tucker meets Charlotte and everything changes. Tucker is still the flirtatious, hot, and deadly Marine he was before but Charlotte (Charlie) seeps into his heart, causing him to question everything he thought he wanted in life and to reevaluate his lifestyle. As the plot thickens and the danger heightens, Tucker’s Marine past comes to the surface and his sweet, fierce protectiveness, his mantra of leaving no man behind, and his risky yet calculated behavior in life-threatening situations is enough to swoon over. His sly grins, his warm touches, and his heated gaze will leave you begging for more of him.
  • Charlotte on the surface is robotic, she is so ambitious and goal-oriented that she never lets loose. Everything in her life is regulated and placed in a schedule all to become an executive member of the law firm she works at. There’s no time to deviate, anything that disrupts the schedule endangers her career path and because of this Charlotte has fallen into the routine of convenient love. A love without passion, with scheduled sex days, and none of the warm, satisfied contentment of real love. Charlotte, once she lets her hair down, is a burst of light but always rational. Her feelings for Tucker waver from sweltering, eroticized thoughts to guilt. Charlotte’s drunk scene is one of the best in the book and hilarious. Charlotte is really relatable, her strict plotting of time is something that every busy woman can understand and it’s easy to get caught up in routine and forget about some of the more emotionally rewarding things in life. Charlotte’s emotions are real,her wide-eyed wonder at the way Tucker caresses her body is a true sexual awakening that opens her eyes to what true passion can be. Charlotte is wicked smart, quick on her feet but still has those only human reactions to violence that leave her frozen and trembling. She’s authentic, honest, and someone that you can easily identify with.
  • The chemistry between Tucker and Charlotte is molten lava. It’s a fast-moving, scorching trail of fiery attraction that leads to some of the hottest sex scenes. Not only are these extremely detailed and filled with that heart-stopping dirty talk that has you waiting on bated breath but the emotion is kicked up a notch. It’s in these scenes that Tucker and Charlotte realize their feelings not only in a sexual way but on a greater level.
  • As for the plot, this is one of those stories that can go either way. The action-packed, terrifying scenes of thrill and danger, jam-packed with guns, espionage, and skeevy bad guys read like a movie but are filled with enough dirty politics of the business world that it has a grain of truth.
  • Tricks is a fast, satisfying read with a little something for everyone.


  • Some of the plot elements were unbelievable. The characters are really quick to recover from what should be truly traumatic events and their injuries seem to be gone the next day (except for one).
  • One of the problems with a book that reads so quickly is that you get to the end and you feel like everything was super fast. The ending felt too perfect, too soon, and took a little bit of the authenticity/ “realness” away from the overall story.


Chapter 1 – Tucker

My mouth felt like it was packed with cotton. You know that dry but slightly sticky feeling? My tongue moved and it brushed against the roof of my mouth, and the cotton came with it.

I grunted and opened my eyes, only to immediately shut them again. I wasn’t ready for morning. Shit, how much did I drink last night? My body was still heavy with sleep, my limbs not wanting to cooperate.

One of my arms was flung wide and I pulled it in to rub a hand over my sleepy face, hoping it would wake me up a little more. I knew I needed to get up… I just couldn’t think of the reason.

Something shifted beside me and I felt the covers lift and drop. The soft sound of footsteps reached my ears. It wasn’t a something. It was a someone.

I went home with someone last night.

Opening my eyes again, I glanced to my left in time to see a woman wearing nothing but a pink thong step into the adjoining bathroom and quietly close the door. Well, now I remembered the reason I went home with her.

Her ass was luscious.

Vague memories of last night filtered through my hazy, beer-soaked memory of skin against skin and a low seductive laugh. What was her name again? Veronica? Violet? Shit, I hadn’t a clue.

Tossing away the covers, I swung my legs over the side of the mattress and looked down. I was buck-ass naked. I looked around for my clothes, which were lying in a pile near the door of the bedroom.

Must have been in a hurry to get naked. I smirked. I was always in a hurry to get naked. Especially when I was with a woman with an ass like that.

I glanced back at the closed bathroom door as the toilet flushed and the tap water turned on. That was my cue to leave. I had on my boxers and jeans before the door opened.

Rushing out the door with shirt in hand seemed a little immature, so I turned. And, man, did I get an eyeful. There was no way in hell her boobs were real. They were too perfect. Large round, creamy globes sat high atop her chest. They gave way to a flat stomach with a light-reflecting stud in her bellybutton. The pink thong was still in place but left little to imagination, and her long, tan legs stretched all the way to the floor.

Her hair was dark, her features exotic, and her lips were full.

Even drunk, I had great taste.

I motioned with my chin, a little what’s up gesture, and draped my T-shirt over my shoulder.

“Leaving so soon?” she asked, padding across the carpeting toward me.

I didn’t even pretend to not look at her chest. Shit, this had been a one-night stand. She could think I was a dog all she wanted. Hell, she’d be right.

‘Course, she clearly wasn’t the type of girl to be offended by my wandering eyes. She walked right up to me, wound her arms around my bare waist, and pressed those perfect tits right up against my chest. Then she rubbed around like she was a cat and I was her scratching pole.

“Don’t you want to stay for breakfast?” she purred.

“Much as I’d like to, I can’t. Got somewhere to be.”

The woman whose name might or might not be Veronica pulled back and sashayed her ass across the room to a wooden nightstand by the bed. She bent at the waist, giving me the perfect view of said bottom as she scrawled something on a piece of paper.

I considered staying longer, but if I did that, she’d think this wasn’t just a one-night stand. Girls were complicated like that. If our night stretched into morning, they got ideas. Ideas that maybe they would be the one to capture the guy no one else could. They would read something more into morning sex than the sex that occurred late at night when both our tongues tasted of beer.

I might sleep around, I might like a variety of ladies, but I never gave false hope where there was none. I might be a dog, but I wasn’t an ass.

Sweet cheeks (I had to call her something) swayed her hips back across the room and held out a scrap of paper to me. “Call me,” she said, flipping her hair behind her shoulder.

I glanced at her chest one more time, then stuffed the piece of paper in the front pocket of my jeans.

She leaned up and pressed her lips to mine, slipping her tongue between. I kissed her back quickly and then slowly pulled away. Reaching around, I palmed her ass. “Thanks for last night,” I said and walked out of her bedroom without even looking back.

By the front door, I found my shoes and leather jacket and quickly finished dressing before stepping out into the cold morning air. I wasn’t going to miss this cold. I was actually looking forward to moving on, trying something new.

A thin layer of frost covered the windshield on my truck. Instead of getting out and scraping it, I blasted the heat and let the engine idle, letting it melt on its own. While I waited, I pulled out the already crumpled piece of paper I was just given. Smoothing it out, I looked down, my eyes skimming over the number I was never going to call to look for her name.

I laughed and crumpled the paper back up and tossed in on the floor of the truck.


Damn. I hadn’t even been close.

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Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series, the new adult Death Escorts series, and the new adult Take it Off series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting

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ARC Review, Blog Tour & Giveaway: Temporarily Yours-Jen McLaughln


***I received an ARC in return for an honest review and participation in this blog tour and with the permission of Brazen-an Entangled imprint. 

4/5 Stars

Temporarily Yours (Shillings Agency, #1)-Jen McLaughlin/Diane Alberts


Entangled Publishing – January 2014


He flinched. “Ouch. That almost hurts my ego that you have to ask me that question.” “As if your ego is that fragile. Puh-lease.” She rolled her eyes. “Men that look like you and fuck like you aren’t easily broken. You’re as hard as your abs.” “Whoa, there. Hold up a second.” He pressed a hand to his forehead, feigning shock. “That was almost a compliment. If you’re not careful, I might think you actually like me.” Despite herself, she laughed. “You know, keeping you around might not be so bad after all. You’re as entertaining out of bed as you are in it.” He raised a brow. “Then it’s settled? I’m temporarily yours for the next few days?”

Plot: All Kayla wants is to get through her little sister’s wedding without wanting to drown herself in vodka cranberries. The scandalized and disappointed faces of her family, the constant badgering with questions and none to subtle hints to settle down were enough to make her sick. She dreaded the pitying looks when they finally found out her imaginary boyfriend was just that-imaginary. As an actuary, Kayla knows all about risks and she can quote them in very real statistics. She’s spent her life surrounded by numbers and wrapped up in the belief that she doesn’t need a man to complete her. Plus, the divorce rate statistics certainly don’t help. Terrified of flying, Kayla is already on edge at the airport, dreading the flight and her family’s judgement when she arrives in North Carolina, when the most adorable thing happens. She’s distracted by a gorgeous man who settles down in the seat next to her. Kayla fumbles to make small talk, stumbling over words, tossing out stats and she’s shocked that the hottie, Cooper, has not run for the hills. Cooper is haunted by his past. As an ex-Marine he has duties and a plan for his life that he’s honor-bound to make happen. What he doesn’t count on is the intoxicating woman sitting next to him. He can’t help but pepper her with questions, wanting to learn everything about this curious woman who talks numbers and has a cute laugh. All Cooper knows is that they’re going to the same place and she’s scared. That’s all it takes for his weakness to kick in; Cooper loves to help people, it’s in his nature and the thought of her alone in first class, trembling with fright really gets to him. They get to talking and somehow, Cooper agrees to a strictly sexual weekend with this beautiful woman. Will Kayla and Cooper be able to close off their hearts and leave at the end of the weekend?

For an extra frame of reference, here is the Goodreads summary:

Stats whiz Kayla Moriarity knows her way around numbers and algorithms. Men, on the other hand, are unsolvable equations. Now Kayla’s en route to her sister’s wedding—alone and without the fictional boyfriend she invented for her family. Fortunately, her plane comes complete with complimentary cocktails and a ridiculously hot ex-marine in the seat beside her. And that’s all it takes for Kayla’s inhibitions to go sailing out the airlock…

Cooper Shillings has soft spot for people in trouble, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to land in it himself—and definitely not while getting naughty mid-air with a sexy southern belle. When he hears Kayla’s predicament, however, he offers his services as a stand-in boyfriend. After all, he’s heading overseas soon…and how could he refuse a little no-strings wickedness?

It’s the perfect plan. And all Kayla has to do is ensure her family falls for the ultimate bluff, without falling for it—and Cooper—in the process.


  • Temporarily Yours a light, fun love story with steamy sex scenes and oh so much temptation. Cooper and Kayla have sizzling chemistry that sets fire to the pages, get ready to fan yourselves because this is HOT.
  • The balance between Kayla’s stubborn understanding and Cooper’s resolve is wonderful. They complement each other in a perfect, natural way that just feels right.
  • Witty banter, sexual innuendos, and dirty talk make the pages speed by and the story so compelling. You will fall in love with these characters as they try to fight their hearts with their heads and get all sorts of frustrated.
  • The story itself is reminiscent of those great romantic comedies that lift your heart and keep you going back for more. The kind you sigh over and stare longingly at the screen, daydreaming about that special someone. Think Love Actually, The Ugly Truth, The Wedding Date, and even The Proposal. 
  • All of the characters, even the most fleeting, are vibrant, detailed and full of life. There so much heart and love, and even the occasional fight that will leave you feeling charmed and a little like home.
  • Cooper is the full package. He’s sexy, quick on his feet, great at verbal sparring, and his dialogue is to die for.
  • Kayla is that girl in all of us, you know the one who has doubts, who is okay with her life until she realizes that maybe there’s something she’s wanted all along and didn’t know it until it was right in front of her. She’s so easy to relate to, which is hard because she’s a numbers girl and for someone like me, who hates statistics, that’s saying something. She’s honest but what’s most remarkable about her is that she is honest with herself. She’s not afraid to face her feelings, she says what she means, and she looks at things with a rational perspective.


  • Things were a little too serendipitous. Everything fell into place too easily and there wasn’t a true build up to establish the strong chemistry between characters.
  • Kayla is way to trusting. For someone who is flooded with statistics and rationale, the risk she takes on that plane ride is kind of unbelievable and really unexpected given her character.

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Diane Alberts is a multi-published, bestselling contemporary romance author with Entangled Publishing. She also writes New York Times and USA Today bestselling new adult books under the name Jen McLaughlin. ON ONE CONDITION hit #18 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list, and TRY ME hit #76 on Amazon. CAPTIVATED BY YOU hit #31 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list. Diane is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency. Her goal is to write so many fantastic stories that even a non-romance reader will know her name.

Diane has always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author.  Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a schnauzer mutt, a cat, and a Senegal parrot. In the rare moments when she’s not writing, she can usually be found hunched over one knitting project or another.


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Blog Tour & Giveaway Review: Gravity-Shayne McClendon


4/5 Stars

Gravity-Shayne McClendon


+I received Gravity for an honest review on the Mackable Book Babes Blog Tour. 

“No, I’m not under any illusions. To me, life is like gravity. You have to let it keep you grounded, but you can never let it keep you down.”


“I want to give you lots and lots of windows-so you can see all the beauty you’ve been denied, JoEllen.”

I rarely cry during books. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times it’s happened ever and remember acutely which books and which moments did me in. On my Goodreads status updates I had a cry count for this book, seriously, 3 1/2 times. You may be asking yourself, how is 3 1/2 cries possible, well lovelies, that is when you’re so cried out you start to cry again and run out of tears. This book wrecked me in a beautifully tragic and moving way. You’ll laugh, you’ll certainly cry, you’ll feel anger, pity, and so many, many feels it’s pretty overwhelming. If you’re looking for a book that will wake your dormant emotions up, get your tissues ready, this is it.

+++To my blog followers, this is NA it does contain graphic sexual scenarios and does involve abuse. Some images may be too strong for some.

Plot: All JoEllen wants is to escape the life she was given. Her mother was 15 when she had her and hasn’t grown up since, she never really knew how to take care of a child. JoEllen struggled to make ends meet, working jobs, going to school, skipping grades, graduating early and getting certified in carpentry. JoEllen never wants to be in a position to end up like her mother. Living in the poorest trailer park in Oklahoma, JoEllen has watched over mother as if she were the child, as she fell into a pattern of destruction and depression. JoEllen’s mother is a working girl, bringing her johns back to the trailer and leaving JoEllen to wait outside until they’re finished. Despite everything, JoEllen loves her mother and is doing everything in her power to build a stable foundation for her before she goes off to start her own life. Going through everyday life as a robot, JoEllen has plans and she’s going to see them through, she doesn’t have time for distractions and is caught totally off guard when an attractive, older man shows interest. Holden Mayes knows she too young for him but something about her is compelling, magnetic, he can’t help but be drawn to this beautiful, fierce woman. Holden is persistent, for months on end he has pestered JoEllen for  a date, so much so that he has become a close friend, a solid part of her everyday life. When tragedy strikes and JoEllen falls apart, Holden is there to pick up the pieces, to protect her, and most of all, love her even if she doesn’t ask for it, he can’t help himself. So begins JoEllen’s story, one that will test her strength, her will power, and her heart.

Additionally, here is the Goodreads synopsis: 

JoEllen Astor grew up poor in one of the worst trailer parks in Oklahoma. A childhood spent taking care of her mother and working hard has made her world-weary already.

One night, she meets Holden Mayes, a man who thinks she’s far too young for a man like him but can’t help but want her. He makes a mistake that almost derails their relationship before it ever starts and is determined to make it right…no matter how long it takes.

Their accidental friendship is the only thing that keeps her together when tragedy strikes that shakes the very foundation of Jo’s world.

When a man is slow, steady, and determined in his pursuit…how long can you fight your feelings for him?


  • JoEllen is the strongest female protagonist I’ve ever read. She’s determined, driven, and filled with such powerful hope that it’s inspiring. Her story is heartbreaking, raw, and fueled by poignantly painful moments that will break your heart into little pieces only to be glued back together again by JoEllen’s light. Although she’s been jaded and wounded in the past, she’s never been broken, JoEllen always fights for her future and her mother’s without judgement. Once of the most striking aspects of JoEllen’s character is her ability to be a cynic, to feel so much anger over her situation and yet, she’ll fight tooth and nail for her mother’s honor, she’s not afraid to throw a few punches or cause drama, she will always speak her mind and in unafraid of the consequences. JoEllen is incredibly brave but afraid to open her heart. The struggle within to combat Holden’s advances is infuriating at times but understandable.
  • The feels guys. I’m telling you, this story is more than an emotional roller coaster, it’s an explosion of events that will claw at your heart and leave you feeling open and breathless, not to mention the tears.
  • Holden is an amazing man. He has such a perfect, warm and compassionate heart. His love for JoEllen is so pure and his focus on caring for her will melt even the frostiest of hearts. Plus, this man knows how to talk dirty and be insanely romantic in the same instant.
  • Passionate, steady, and really hot, the chemistry between JoEllen and Holden is unconventional. It’s not a force of nature or an exaggerated pull but a real, honest build up between a man and a woman whose friendship evolves into something so much more.


  • There was the occasional typo or tense issue.
  • Most of the secondary characters were left undiscovered, they’re underdeveloped and not really present in the plot. There are small snippets but not enough to fully grasp their personalities.

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