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London Loves Release Day

London Loves

Book Title: London Loves
Author: Theresa Troutman
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2014
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“You never know what the future holds.”

Tess Hamilton Irons is excited about her new job prospect overseas. Her husband Sebastian has second thoughts. He acquiesces to his wife so she can have her dream job in his hometown of London, a city brimming with excitement and adventure at every turn—not all of it good.
Lady Lily Irons’ menacing persona looms large as Sebastian vows to protect his family at all costs. With the help of an unexpected ally, Sebastian begins a search for the father he never knew.
In a split second, the life they know is blown to bits and Sebastian is forced to pick up the pieces. Can he reclaim the life he loved or is the inevitable change a good thing?
Friendship, love, lust, tragedy, and triumph combine in the thrilling conclusion to the Love’s Great Adventure series.

18+ for sexual situations

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wpid-wp-1399878438082Book 1 – Life’s What You Make It

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“She’s everything I’m not and everything I want to be.”

Sebastian Iron’s life is spiraling out of control. Over the course of one week Sebastian witnesses death, runs away with his best friend’s girl, gets kicked out of his English prep school and is banished to America by his domineering mother to repeat his senior year of high school.

In America, Sebastian struggles to find self-discipline and a purpose to turn his life around. He meets Tess Hamilton, the only person to show him any kindness in his new school. Little does he know, she is the savior tutor hired by his mother to help him improve his grades. The two slowly begin to build a friendship.

As their friendship blossoms, Sebastian begins to have romantic feelings for Tess. She claims to only want a platonic relationship, but Sebastian feels the undeniable spark that sizzles between them every time they are together.

Forces beyond their control will either bring Sebastian and Tess closer together or tear them apart.

Will Sebastian return to his old habits or find the strength to be the person worthy of Tess’ love.

Indie Author News - Love This Life (Theresa Troutman) Book 2 – Love This Life

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“All I want is you.”

Tess Hamilton has a ten year plan—every milestone mapped out to reach her educational, career and life goals. Happy to be moving in with her fiancé, Sebastian, she didn’t anticipate a dangerous attraction to another man, a life-changing event, and a terrifying journey of self-discovery. They were definitely not a part of her master plan, and now Tess wonders if any part of her scheme will come to fruition.
Sebastian Irons is getting everything he’s ever wanted out of life. Leaving his playboy image in the past, he’s finally become the better man he longed to be when he left England and came to America. Madly in love with his fiancée and ready to start their life together, everything is seemingly perfect—until a series of unexpected events threatens to tear them apart.

Can Tess and Sebastian survive the curveballs life throws at them? Will their love crash and burn, or will they get their long-awaited happily ever after?

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Theresa Troutman lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their crazy dog, Niko. She loves reading, theatre and traveling. Her books include: My Secret Summer, A Special Connection and the Love’s Great Adventure Series: Life’s What You Make It and Love This Life. London Loves will be release in the fall of 2014.

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Over the course of the dinner, Alistair went on to tell the group about his travels to Africa, while Sebastian and Tess talked about living in New Jersey and working in New York. When they finished their meal, Tess put Mattie to bed. Sebastian and Alistair sat in the living room, enjoying an after dinner drinks.

“I read in the papers that Penny Stanton and your brother are engaged. That was a surprise,” Alistair said, crossing his legs as he sipped his scotch.

“Do you keep in touch with Penny?”

Alistair laughed. “After she told me to sod off and few other choice words—no.”

“You cheated on her in public. How did you think she’d react?”

“Irons, you were no saint back then either,” Alistair reminded him.

“Yes, I know. Things changed. I met Tess. I have a beautiful daughter. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.”

Alistair became quiet, lost in thought. Finally, he looked Sebastian in the eye and said, “Penny was the best thing that ever happened to me and I blew it.”

“I won’t disagree. Why didn’t you go after her?”

“I was young and stupid. Hell, we all were back then—all of us except Penny. I was going to the Naval Academy, and it just didn’t seem possible to carry on a relationship.” Alistair looked down at his perfectly manicured fingernails and asked, “Is she well?”

“Yes, she is well. You can’t tell me you never run into her.”

“A few times—here and there. She smiles politely, but we never speak.”

“And now that you see someone else is serious about her, you want her back?”

“No, she’d never have me even if it were possible. I like Maxwell. He’ll be good to her.” He placed his glass down on the coffee table and ran his hand through his blond hair. “Bollocks! I’m just feeling sorry for myself.”

“Poor Prince Alistair.”

“Sod off, Irons,” he said, cracking a grin.

The two old friends looked at one another and began laughing aloud. Just then Tess walked back into the room. “Keep it down you two. Mattie just fell asleep,” she admonished as she sat down next to Sebastian.

“Sorry, darling,” he apologized, kissing her temple.

“So tell me, Tess: what on earth made you fall in love with Sebastian?”

Tess looked up at her husband. Her lips curled up into a smile. “I had never met anyone like him before. He’s the most loyal friend I’ve ever had, the most loving husband, and the best father.”

Sebastian looked at her, his eyes shining bright with happiness. “I love you,” he whispered, forgetting Alistair was still in the room.

Alistair cleared his throat to get the couple’s attention. “I’d best be going. You two lovebirds seem like you need some alone time.”

“Please, you’re welcome to stay a while longer,” Tess offered.

“Thank you for a wonderful dinner.” Alistair stood and kissed Tess on the cheek. Next, he shook

Sebastian’s hand. “If you’d like, I’d love to have you by Kensington Palace in a few weeks for dinner. I have an apartment there. You’re welcome to bring Mattie, too.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I’m not sure you want Mattie running around the palace,” Sebastian said.

Tess looked up at her husband with expectant eyes. “She would love it and so would I.”

“It’s settled then. I’ll have my secretary ring you next week with a date.”

“Thank you, Alistair. It was a pleasure to meet you,” Tess said, extending her hand.

Opening the front door, Sebastian said, “Have a good evening.” He watched as Alistair made his way to the Range Rover parked in front of their home. When he had driven off, Sebastian loosened his tie and shook his head in disbelief. “How did you mange to wrangle an invitation to the palace?”

“You’ve known him how many years and you’ve never been there?” Tess asked in disbelief.

“Back then, the palace—any palace—was the last place we wanted to be.” Sebastian took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

“Yes, I suppose wild parties and fine painting and antiques don’t mix. Too many things could get broken.”


“He seems nice enough. Do you think he’s tamed his wild ways?”

“Maybe he has. It’s hard to say. He’s regretting letting Penny get away.”

“He told you that?”

“Yes.” Sebastian closed the bedroom door and began to take off his suit.

“Hmm, interesting time for him to pop back into the picture,” Tess mused, stepping out of her dress and then hanging it in the closet.

“I’ll keep an eye on him. I don’t need him stirring up trouble for Max and Pen.”


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For my reviews on Life’s What You Make it and Love This Life click here –> Life’s What You Make ItLove This Life. Check back for my London Loves review later this week 🙂 
Pleasant reading, 
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Review: A Touch Menacing-Leah Clifford

3.5/5 Stars

A Touch Menacing (A Touch Trilogy, #3)- Leah Clifford

***Last week (ish) I wrote a review on book 2 in A Touch Trilogy. If you’re interested in finding out what happened before the conclusion to the series, click here –>A Touch Morbid


“What have you been up to?”

She shrugged, the initial nerves Luke always brought on slowly calming. “Oh, the usual. Waiting for the so-called good guys to wipe out me and everyone I know. Bringing about the apocalypse. Shopping.”

“Nice to see we have our priorities straight, at least.”


“You want the one thing I’m incapable of giving you.” He tucked a finger under her chin and tilted her head up. “I will never love you.” Those same oily black eyes devoured her, called to her. “But I possess you, inside and out. You feel it, don’t you?” he said, his hand running down her side to her waist. “How I’m written into the pause you take between breaths, pumping through your blood. Etched onto your bones.”

…She knew better than to bait him. It didn’t stop her. “No one possesses me. Least of all you, Lucifer.”


If you haven’t read the second book in this series the plot that follows will be spoilery.

Eden is dying, but permanently this time. As the Siders plague both the Upstairs and Downstairs, obliterating souls with their disease, agents of Heaven and Hell have different motivations for capturing Siders like Eden. While Gabe, Az, and the rest of her posse struggle to find a cure for her sickness, Michael, and the angels will stop at nothing to destroy the Siders, and they embark on a massacring mission to rip the souls out of these pathless anomalies. Meanwhile, Luke wants nothing more than Siders infecting Heaven and taking out the good guys, his goal is to make Hell on Earth a reality and feels that he can do so with the Siders by his side. Eden and her crew set out on an impossible journey to find the original Siders in hope of curing Eden’s infection, giving the Siders a second chance, and saving Earth from an all out war between Heaven and Hell.


    • Despite the seriousness of the situation A Touch Menacing grants beautifully written bursts of happiness, hope, love, and clever comedy.
    • Like the previous book the sexual tension, witty banter, and sarcasm is perfectly executed. The sparks between Luke and Kristen are enough to tantalize your senses and keep you rooting for a happy ending in a love that seems destined for utter devastation.
    • Madeline. Throughout this series Madeline has been elusive. The noted evil girl of the bunch who can’t be trusted and who will likely betray the Siders if it’s beneficial to her. Finally we get a glimpse into what makes Maddy tick and is she ever complicated! She’s got that je ne sais quoi that’s easy to adore.
    • The plot was brilliant, filled with twists and surprises. ❤


    • Az and Eden are annoyingly devoid of sexuality or even chemistry. It seems like every other couple, no matter the circumstance, is better suited.
    • As the finale to this awesome series the ending was…deeply unsatisfying. Normally the conclusion to a series ends in a pretty predictable way. This was in no way predictable and certainly was not a tale of happily ever after. Despite the standard angels and demons paranormal romance, A Touch has never been conventional. This bleak, raw ending is on par with Clifford’s style.

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