ARC Review: Brink of Dawn by Jeff Altabef & Erynn Altabef

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Follow-up to the multiple award-winning Wind Catcher

They walk among us as if they are gods.
Only the Chosen know what they are.
Only the Chosen know to fear them.
And only the Chosen can defeat them.

Evolved Publishing presents the second book in the multiple award-winning Chosen series of young adult mystery thrillers, which feature an American Indian fantasy and supernatural theme, from the same author who brought you the award-winning thriller Shatter Point, and his daughter.

Juliet Wildfire Stone and her best friend, Troy Buckhorn, barely escaped their sleepy Arizona town alive. Now they’re speeding to New York City to find the three other Chosen. The Chosen must band together to face an ancient foe that threatens all humanity.

Yet Juliet doesn’t know whom to trust, and strange things are happening in the City.

The Chosen will be tested, their resolve questioned, and their flaws exposed. Each must decide whether he or she will fulfill their destiny—or run. To defeat the enemy, they must stop battling among themselves and overcome their own struggles.

Only one can lead them. Will Juliet embrace her powers in time?

Brink of Dawn picks up where the multiple-award-winning first book in the Chosen series, Wind Catcher, left off, but it can also be read as a stand-alone novel. Continue the adventure! And be sure to watch for the third and final installment in this exciting series, Scorched Souls, to launch in late 2016.


3/5 Stars

***I received this eARC as a gift in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley & the authors.


  • If you’re looking for a twist on the typical alien story with Native American undertones. 
  • You hunger for diversity.
  • You’re NOT about the romance.


  • Different POVs and diversity. Each of the new Chosen are from a different culture that brings something unique to the plot. Not only ethnically but economically as well. There’s a wide variety in the Chosen and they each have very distinct personalities. 
  • There’s a lot of social commentary. Mainly about the prejudice against Native Americans, pressures from parents to be perfect, the homeless youth in big cities and how easy it is for them to disappear and how no one cares. These are important issues and although the inclusion detracted from the plot arch, nevertheless, they make you think and open up your eyes to what’s really going on in the world around you. 
  • The Deltites are TERRIFYING. Creepy, sadistic, horrible people who have no regard for human life. It’s really disquieting. You’ll definitely be creeped out by some of the POVs from Gagarin’s mind. That creature, the things he’s done. Skin-crawling, stories that will star in your nightmares. I don’t think I’ll ever get some of those images out of my head. 
  • Akari is a feisty, violent thing and might be my new favorite character. She’s a skilled fighter, vicious, smart, sarcastic, and prone to going in swinging. Her fire ability, YES. 
  • The scavenger hunt. If you like riddles and anxiety, you’ll love this. 


  • There was so much going on, so many new characters introduced, and the pace so abrupt that the story felt confused, like it didn’t know what it was trying to be. There’s a little scavenger hunt, a little flirting, a little spiritual communication, a lot of evil plotting, and randomness. 
  • The pacing is hard to explain. The story timeline is FAST but the story itself seems to drag. Despite the POV changes and introduction of characters, and the overall urgency, I found the story going by slowly. 
  • Juliet was mildly annoying. She kept going on and on about how different she is and why that makes her life impossible. I kept waiting for her to embrace the situation but she fought and clung to this complaining. The other characters also had their lives uprooted and threatened and yet, they didn’t harp on it nearly as much. Juliet’s infatuation with Connor felt random and included just more drama. It wasn’t developed. Many of the relationships were not built on. Even Juliet and Troy. The magic of their friendship from the first book was lost. Sure, Juliet has always depended on Troy but the connection was severed as she pushed him away and didn’t quite come back. 
  • The ending was abrupt and a bit of a let down. Though filled with adrenaline and chaotic, it felt too easily resolved and the diabolical plan started by the Delities just fell to the wayside. 

If you like any of the following, you’ll enjoy this:

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