2016 Reading Challenge Update

Hey everyone, remember this? I know this says update and in a way, it is, but I’ll be real with you, I’m rushing to catch up on all the categories I missed and if you are too, don’t worry you are NOT ALONE. (See below)

2016 challenge

A little birdie told me that some of you were having trouble finding YA books set on certain continents. So, I put my feelers out into the world and compiled a list of YA books set in Australia, Africa, Antarctica, and South America…which BTW there are nowhere near enough of. Here it goes AND I’ve included Goodreads/Amazon links for your convenience. FYI I got some of these from the library, never feel ashamed of that!





If you know any books to add to this list please comment and I’ll put them up! 

If you’re having problems in any other category let me know and I’ll come up with some reading suggestions for you! Trust me, I know it’s hard. My something that scares you is beluga whales. That was really difficult to find!

Happy reading and good luck!!


2016 Reading Challenge

Welcome to the first ever YA Book Madness created reading challenge! 

Designed with Young Adult books in mind, this 2016 challenge has a huge span and great variety to broaden your reading horizons and help you find hidden YA gems. 

52 challenges. That’s one book a week. It’s perfectly doable, though it might take a little hunting. 

I’ll be on this journey right along with you and keep you posted when I complete a challenge!

Let me know if you’re participating in this challenge or any others. Interact and have fun!

Without further ado…

2016 challenge

Happy reading,