Review: Broken Heart by Tammy Faith

brokenGoodreads/AmazonsynI met Cris when I was five years old. He was my brother’s best friend. We started out as friends and eventually evolved to first kiss, first crush, first love. First everything.

I was an innocent little girl. Stupid. Naive. Cris and I promised each other forever.

Right then, we didn’t know that promises were so hard to keep. I was corrupted, each piece of me smashed against my foolish and childish wishes. Who would have thought that my boyfriend would become the vivid incarnation of my own personal demon?

Crisanto Tauli and Phoebe Stephen were happy.

Until that day.

The day she can’t seem to remember, and he can’t seem to forget. The day that she, ruled by her fears, left him. The day that she broke both of their hearts.

Now she has to face him, and her secrets, once again.



3.5/5 Stars

***I received this ebook as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author

CONTAINS TRIGGERS & Mature Content: rape 


  • This is not only a story of heartbreaking recovery and love, but a coming of age story as well. Phoebe grows exponentially, she becomes confident in herself, her sexuality, and finds her worth as a person. At the same time, she’s mature enough to realize that she’s too dependent on her boyfriend and needs time to become who she’s destined to be (though this doesn’t last too long). Phoebe’s pain is palpable and raw, her memories of the incident are haunting and terrible. The words her rapist whispered to her stayed with me for days. 
  • Depictions of therapy and coping mechanism post-trauma are spot on and inspirational. They grant hope and show just how hard working through PTSD is, no matter how far you’ve come, there will always be triggers and memories. 
  • Cris and Phoebe’s romance is playful and sometimes extremely serious. It’s made of rough patches, and bitter fights, of pushing each other away and running back with open arms. There are tears, and pain, and oh so much happiness. They are a shining example of overcoming all obstacles for the one you love. 
  • Phoebe’s interactions with Giselle were hilarious. They show her spunky, sarcastic side and you get a true picture of their friendship. 


  • Interesting side note: I’m from Florida, where this is set, and attended FSU, so I was excited that part of the story was set where I went to university…but there was ZERO description. Nothing. Like not even mention of local bars or buildings or even the name of the football stadium where the MAIN CHARACTER played football. This took away from the story. It’s not the only section that lacks description to make the story seem more real, more colorful, instead of a whole bunch of telling. The most description was actually of the sexual assault and sex scenes, which kind of displaced the whole story. 
  • The story digressed as it went. Instead of development, towards the end it became a whole slew of sex scenes, so many that it lost the magic of their romance and felt a little monotonous. 
  • The pacing was off. Some moments that felt like they should have been extended were too short. There are leaps in time that are a bit confusing and will take you some time to adjust. The story goes from high school almost to the end of college. 

If you like any of the following, you’ll enjoy this:

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