Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Wicked Fate & Wicked Luck-Shannon Maynard

Release Date: August 25th, 2015
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, Adventure, Romance
Tour Dates: September 7th – 18th
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How can Ava Starr’s dream come true be Dax Miller’s worst nightmare?
Ava’s mother always told her to be careful what she wished for. From the moment Ava woke up on Lamarai Island, she wanted nothing more than to find Preston. But now that she has, her heart is caught in a fierce game of tug-of-war. In a place where danger lurks around every tree, she must quickly figure out who she can trust, and who is out to destroy her dream of a happy ever after.
Dax’s plan to capture Ava’s heart was all falling into place. That is, until Ava’s past showed up on the island in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome pilot named Preston, leaving Dax to wonder if he’s inherited Ava’s wicked luck. Preston is determined to pick up his relationship with Ava where they left off before a plane crash separated them, but Dax will stop at nothing to fight for the girl of his dreams and discover the truth behind the mysterious pilot.
But Dax isn’t the only one troubled by the surprise appearance of Preston and his flight crew. The new visitors to the island have caused Dax’s stepsister, Roxy, to develop a bad case of sibling rivalry, as well as managed to attract the unwanted attention of a vicious tribe of cannibals. Now Dax must figure out a way to keep his new tribe of misfits safe, while Ava is left to make the most important decision of her life. Will they succeed, or will fate decide for them?

Wicked Fate is the heart-pounding sequel to Wicked Luck, a new adult adventure romance series.
“I love how unique this series is. It’s a mystery like none other. Shannon keeps you on your toes and you will never guess what’s around the corner. “
~Cali Mel
“I highly recommend this series, and now I’m desperately hoping for another book…There’s a love triangle, plenty of action, tragedy, and plenty of revelations throughout the entire book.” 
“If you want to read a unique romance, Wicked Luck and Wicked Fate are the books for you.”
~Leah Nova Moss
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     Shannon Maynard studied art and criminology before getting a license in cosmetology, but eventually wound up an expert daydreamer; a skill that occasionally leads to getting lost while driving, but has been a huge asset to her love for writing. 

     Her debut novel WICKED LUCK released in June of 2015 and is the first book in the Wicked Luck Trilogy.

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You can grab Book One, Wicked Luck for FREE on Amazon for a Limited Time!

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For the past three years, Dax has been stranded on Lamarai Island with his stepsister and two tribes of cannibals. But now a beautiful girl named Ava has washed up on shore. After secretly reading her journal, he believes she is a perfect match to the girl of his dreams. He’s determined not only to keep her alive, but also to win over her heart by convincing her to forget about her past and the secrets that continue to haunt her.
Ava Starr has always been the epitome of bad luck, but she never imagined she would wake up and find herself on a cannibal-infested island with no memory of how she got there. The last thing she remembers is boarding a plane with her pilot boyfriend, Preston. But now he and his crew are missing, and she must find him before a tribe of hungry cannibals finds him first. But Ava’s troubles have followed her to Lamarai, where once again she’s surrounded by danger and people who want her dead. She finds herself caught in a web of deceit and soon discovers the answers to her mysterious past can be found in the most unlikely of places, and that no one is actually who they seem to be.
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Wicked Luck is part mystery, part high stakes adventure. Complete with cannibals, lies, and a serendipitous reunion, Wicked Luck is an unexpected twist of fate.
  • From the very beginning the mystery heats up. Amnesia, a plane crash, an island full of cannibals and a surprise inhabitant. The questions are endless and compelling, leading the reader on a journey into what seems impossible. 
  • Told from 3 POVs and part diary entries, Wicked Luck has the effect of a jigsaw puzzle. Clues abound, lies and creepy scenarios in Ava’s past speak of something much more sinister than her already disastrous situation. Secrets abound and when they all come out, layer upon layer of deceit turns into an even more elaborate web of shocking truths. 
  • Ava is gullible, anxious and scared. She makes split second decisions that might make you want to shake her but her heart is in the right place. Learning about her past through diary entries somehow makes the story more raw and emotional because we get her feelings at the time of the incidents not after she’s had several days to reflect.  
  • Dax and Ava’s unlikely past is adorable, if unbelievable that they’re reunite through such circumstances. The memories are full of light and laughter, you can feel something reawakening that they realized even as children. 
  • There’s a bit of island folklore and ritual that is beyond fascinating and complex. The relationships between the different tribes and how they view outsiders added a creepy, terrifying edge that lurked beneath the immediate story. The danger was imminent. 
  • The scenario itself is far-fetched and hard to wrap your head around as realistic or even possible in a Lost fashion. From the intricate architecture and the unlikely abilities of Dax, it was hard to fathom as a true disaster/adventure story.
  • Sections were slow and uneventful as characters spent substantial time mulling over their past regrets. 
  • Ava’s past, Preston’s cryptic comments, and the whole situation made the story feel a little lost and almost as if it were two separate novels. The threads lacked cohesion. 
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