Review: Broken Lies-Claire Vale


cooltext1889161239 copyScientists predicted it would take seventy years for the Arctic Shelf to completely melt. In the end, it took less than five. We lost thirty percent of our land to the oceans and a big chunk of our structure to panic and anarchy.

The Melt crippled us.

But it was the Arctic Virus at the bottom of The Melt, trapped for millennia in the darkest depths of ice strata, that broke us. The real flood was the Living Corpses. A population of billions turned to soulless, rabid shells within months. That’s what washed away the human race as we know it.

Born into a post-apocalyptic world, Lake has grown up in the last city standing. Governed by what used to be the Queen’s Cold Stream Guard, vaccinated against the threat, life in Windsor City is both harsh and fair. The rules are designed to strengthen the city and ensure survival.

Lake’s future is planned out with opportunities and unfair advantages and then there’s Ash—her best friend and hopefully more. Things could be worse, considering she’s living past the end of days. And, sometimes, she could definitely do with being a better person, which was what drafting into the Guard for two years of service was supposed to be about.

But she has no idea what she’s signed up for. The city is more vulnerable than she’d ever imagined, on its knees at the mercy of a megalomaniac organisation, and she’s just been chosen to pay the price

cooltext1889171582 copy2.5/5 Stars

***I received this ebook as a gift in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley & Book Enthusiast Promotions. 


  • Decisions to join the military are not as catastrophic as typically portrayed in dystopia. Here, it’s a duty and there’s little risk, despite the zombie issue. The zombies are violent, bloodthirsty, and disturbing (when they’re depicted). 
  • The nostalgic memories of Ash and Lake as children are adorably romantic. The emotions are charged and almost whimsical. The natural love is prominent and intoxicating. It’s wonderful seeing it build in these small moments.
  • Friendship saves lives in this story. Ava and Lake are inseparable, they get each other on the deepest levels and will do anything and everything for each other, even if it means running face first into a hungry zombie horde. 


  • The plot was slow and didn’t pick up until a good 75% in. Not much happens apart from relationship drama and friendship issues. 
  • The ending almost feels like the beginning, as if the whole first section should have been a novella or prequel before the main event. 
  • Story elements are mashed together and they don’t mesh well. The explanation for The Melt and the Arctic Virus, the role of the military, and the whole history is thrown in haphazardly. A deeper, more in-depth explanation would have prepared the reader for where the story was going. Instead it’s a bunch of puzzle pieces missing a definitive connector. It’s unclear whether this is a zombie story, a military one, a dystopian, the focus was lost.

If you like any of the following, you’ll enjoy this:


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