Review & Giveaway: Every Choice-Samantha Rey

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cooltext1889161239 copyRed.

Red is everywhere.

Not just red, blood.

Blood is everywhere.

It is all over me.

Cassie Whitlock has relived that day countless times in her dreams for the past four years. It left more than just physical scars, it has caused her to close herself off to everyone. She no longer believes in love. Love only ends in pain.

That’s why when she meets Luca, she is surprised by the immediate and undeniable attraction between them. She doesn’t want complicated and she knows he’s about to make everything complicated. As their lives become more intertwined, it becomes harder to hide her secrets, and harder to resist him, but when she discovers he has secrets of his own, she begins to question everything. Cassie has to make a choice: hold on to the ghosts of her past or be brave enough to imagine a future.cooltext1889171582 copy

4/5 Stars

***I received this ebook as a gift in exchange for an honest review and with participation in this tour.

Every Choice is a compelling, brutal love story of two tragic pasts, two closed hearts, found in two lonely people looking to escape by numbing the pain.


  • Cassie is a sexually charged lioness. She knows what she wants and she goes out and gets it. Irresistible, an insatiable flirt, and great with the follow through, Cassie has strict rules and never does repeats. An endless stream of one-night stands and mind-blowing encounters, Cassie uses her body to block out the painful memories. Cassie immediately draws you in, between her blunt word choice and forwardness; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Cassie boxes up her emotions and lives as a shadow of her former joyful self. Feeling nothing is better than getting attached. No one lasts long enough to get close. As Cassie is hit with one shock after another, the memories threaten to consume her and she slips into blackness. Cassie’s emotions are explosive, violent, and crippling. They consume her, threatening to push her into an unstable whirlwind of depression and hopelessness. Cassie’s pain cuts deep. The memories are horrific and heartbreaking, Cassie’s anguish is a living, breathing thing slowly strangling her soul.
  • The lies propel the story forward. What Luca and Cassie are keeping from each other is earth shattering. When the truth comes out, it’s raw, almost torturous, and sinks in deep. The truth is more terrifying and sad than you’d ever expect. When Luca and Cassie take on their pasts, it’s agonizing and full of tears.
  • Sexual tension for days. The beginning scenes when Cassie and Luca challenge each other are edgy, playful, and yeah, perverse but engaging, they suck you in and sink their claws in. The chemistry is charged; you can practically feel the pheromones shooting off the pages. HOT HOT HOT. Sex scenes are graphic, blush-worthy, and always different.
  • Every Choice deals with PTSD and recovery after trauma. Everyone copes differently and the author did an amazing job capturing the everyday challenges of afterwards. Never once did I have the desire to loathe Cassie or to judge her for her actions. As a sex-centered protagonist who unabashedly uses her body, it would be easy to see her as slutty but there’s a nice balance between what she refuses to deal with and her actions.
  • Luca is one surprise after another. He’ll keep you second-guessing and lusting after him. The way he teases Cassie is merciless and insanely sensual. Luca’s past is just as twisted and heart-breaking. He uses the same coping mechanisms as Cassie. When his emotions are let out, they’re fierce and potent, his heartache is devastating.
  • Together, Cassie and Luca are oh so right. Sexually, they’re dynamite. Emotionally, they’re two of a kind searching for love no matter how hard they try to push it away.


  • Some sections dragged on and others were a series of sex scenes in different positions without much development. It took a substantial amount of time for a shift to occur, so much so that the romance felt a bit redundant and exhausting.
  • As much as I wanted to love Milo and London, Cassie’s depression and constant closed off personality made it hard to feel a connection, more so with Milo than London. While London is a sweetheart and always there to pick up the pieces, she’s Cassie’s rock, it felt like she was a shadow to Cassie’s big, bold personality. Even Milo with his charms and sexual banter weren’t enough to solidify their place in the plot. Cassie was such a strong presence, as was Luca, that they dimmed in comparison.

cooltext1889172435 copySlide1 copySlide2 copyEC Teaser 2 copy

cooltext1921345213 copyI quickly found the notebook that had slid under the passenger seat and was locking the car when divine intervention made me look up.

I could see Luca clearly through his window, the shades were completely up. He was shirtless, which had my body feeling all sorts of things without my permission. I walked a little closer and out of the street lamp light in case he looked out and saw me staring. He was every bit as beautiful as I imagined he would be. I pictured running my fingers along his smooth chest and down to feel the slight indentations to mark his six-pack. His waist narrowed to slender hips and when he turned, dear Lord, the V was in full sight.

Against my better judgment, I stepped even closer so that I could see his face. He was several stories higher than me, but I could see him fairly clearly. Every time I had seen Luca, his face had been a mask of cool calculation and astronomic arrogance. He didn’t seem to look that way now. In fact, his expression made me care about him in a way that I didn’t want to. It’s like he sent a hook out and it pierced its way through me and now I had no choice but to be reeled in.


The voice came out of nowhere and startled me. I turned around so fast that I lost balance and fell into the bush next to me. No one ever said dancers were graceful off the stage.

“Shit,” I muttered as I struggled to push myself up. London came over and helped me.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No, it’s fine. I was the idiot who fell.” I said, following her up the stairs.

“What were you doing in the bushes anyway?” she asked.

I was not going to tell her the truth, that I was looking at the hot guy in the window who doesn’t want me, but somehow that makes me want him even more.

“Nothing,” I replied.

She didn’t say anything until we got inside and I sat back down on the couch to continue my homework.

“Well, I’m going to go do some work in my room. Try not to fall into any more bushes while watching hot, half-naked men in front of windows, will you?”

She didn’t even turn around to see my mouth fall open as she left.

cooltext1892192940 copy

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cooltext1889178114 copySReyAuthorBioWebsite/Amazon/Goodreads/Facebook

Samantha Rey graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia with a degree in theatre and a Master’s in elementary education. While her full-time job is currently teaching third grade just outside of Washington, D.C., her love of theatre, entrancing characters, and never-ending drama has not subsided. She has always loved creating stories and the Every series is culmination of a lot of hard work and following her dreams. When she is not writing, she is reading way too much, choreographing musicals, grading papers, and spending time with her husband and their dog, Paisley. You can follow Samantha on Twitter @authorsamrey, on her website,, or on Facebook,

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