ARC Review: Descent-Tara Fuller


cooltext1889161239 copyEaston doesn’t believe in love. He believes in Death. Darkness. Sin. As a reaper for Hell, it’s all he’s known for over four hundred years. When he gets slapped with the job of training the boss’s daughter, an angel who knows nothing but joy, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble.

Though he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with her outside of work, Gwen would do anything to get closer to the dark and wounded reaper—even taint her angelic image and join the ranks of her father’s team of reapers. But in all her planning, she forgot to factor in one thing—how far the demons Easton doomed to hell would go to get revenge.

When the dangers of the Hell threaten Gwen, Easton will do whatever it takes to save her. But as the darkness closes in on them both, will he be able to save himself?

cooltext1889171582 copy3.5/5 Stars

***I received this eARC as a gift in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley & Entangled: Teen.

Descent is a scorching inferno of lust and redemption. A perilous journey through Hell, Descent is a rush of terror, longing, and sweltering heat between a jaded Reaper and charismatic angel. 


  • Hell is a terrifying, abysmal place. The imps, demons, and succubi are all horrific, grotesque, and have vices. The scenes of torture, torment, and the overall descriptions are graphic. The heat wave that disintegrates anyone who comes into contact with it is something out of my worst nightmares. The role of angels, reapers, and the hierarchy of both Heaven and Hell are delineated  and detailed. 
  • Every character has a voice and distinct personality. They’re comical, lusty, devious, and joyful. Each character is unique and compelling, you’ll want to know more about them. 
  • Gwen is a light, airy, beautiful angel whose optimism and big heart make up her entire being. She’s confident, curious, and compassionate, she takes risks to ensure happiness for the souls she watches over and has absolute faith in even the worst people. Gwen believes that with a little love, the world could be a better place. Gwen gives so much of herself without thought for her own safety. The travesties of humanity physically hurt her, she weeps openly for the pain and suffering in Hell. Her open naiveté is charming and winsome.
  • Easton’s past is full of sorrow. He will never forget and believes he deserves his cruel fate. Easton is a bog softie underneath his hard exterior. He takes everything so seriously and despite his position in Hell, has a strong moral compass. Easton’s heart though patched and scarred, is huge. Intense, brave, and oh so sexy, Easton is magnetic. 
  • Together, Easton and Gwen are dynamite. Totally explosive. The dueling POVs are perfect. You get all the lust and yearning from both sides, you’ll hunger for them to give into their feelings.


  • The ending was resolved too quickly and way too easily. For all of the risk and heartache, the tension between characters and fear of the consequences, the final judgement was lackluster. 
  • How an angel makes it so deep into Hell without getting swarmed by hungry demons is crazy and doesn’t feel realistic. For all Easton’s worries there were few serious threats. The danger to Gwen by riled demons was minimal compared to the overall horrific conditions of Hell itself. 

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Review: Quarter Mile Hearts-Jenny Siegel


cooltext1889161239 copyFollowing an accident injuring her dad, twenty-four year old Leigh Storm returns home to the town she was once so desperate to escape.

It is only a matter of hours before she runs into Max ‘Manwhore’ Morgan. Dark eyed and dangerous to her heart, he is the very last person she wants to see. It might have been four years since she saw him last, but there’s no denying the chemistry between them is as potent as ever. Max makes it clear he isn’t about to let her run again, even if he is the one thing Leigh vowed to herself she would never date: a street racer.

After racing tore apart her own family and left a path of destruction in its wake, Leigh decided long ago that it is not the life she wants for herself. But when a wager gone wrong threatens her dad’s livelihood, Leigh must go against everything she believes in.

This time there’s more at stake on the quarter mile than just the family business—she’s risking her heart as well.

cooltext1889171582 copy4/5 Stars

***I received this eARC as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author.

Quarter Mile Hearts is a tantalizing adrenaline rush. Full of high-speed racing, sexual tension, and danger, it’s impossible to put down. 


  • Leigh is one sassy, outspoken woman. She knows what she wants and takes charge of every situation. She’s not one to ever back down from a challenge and it gets her into all sorts of trouble. A risk-taker, adrenaline junkie, and badass, Leigh is unaware of her appeal to men. Her wit and fire will draw you in and keep the pages flipping as the tension mounts to extreme levels. Her heart is at war with common sense, she pushes romance away and lets her fears rule her where it counts. Leigh is a sweetheart, when she lets herself be, and gives just as much as she gets. 
  • The sexual tension is to die for. Max is SMOLDERING HOT and he does that delectable space crowding thing and his dirty talk. Max is a man of few words but when he gets them out…sizzling. The chemistry bursts off the pages and I couldn’t get enough of how right they are for each other. 
  • Max is much more than his image. He’s aggressive, forward, honest, and yes, a tease. He flirts and touches, does everything possible to drive a girl wild with lust. Underneath his “manwhore” exterior, Max is a romantic. He knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. Some lines are bold, graphic, the kind of stuff that makes you blush and others are sweet, raw, and honest. Max is the total package. 
  • Adrenaline is high, the rush of the race, the preparation, everything about the atmosphere is sure to get your heart pounding. 
  • Secondary characters are funny, charming, and add tons of laughs to the story. Everyone has a past and is complex. 


  • The animosity between Leigh and Max was gripping, hot, and engaging, I yearned for more of their sharp barbs and playfulness. The tension cut off quickly and evolved even faster, the leap was rushed and took away from the build up that caught my attention in the first place. 
  • The ending was kind of predictable and the main source of danger was resolved at break-neck speed. There was no real anger or retaliation afterwards, which due to all the allusions to violence and lascivious nature of the antagonist, was a bit of a let down. 

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