ARC Review: The Kiss-Lucy Courtenay


cooltext1889161239 copy‘Aphrodite kissed a mortal once by the light of this moon, many thousands of years ago. It drove him crazy. The next person that he kissed – boum. The craziness travelled like this from person to person. It travelled through time. Everywhere – boum! Tu comprends?’

‘Where did it end up?’ I whisper. His lips are on my cheek now.

‘It ended with me. And now I am going to pass it to you. You will like that, mermaid?’

Imagine the perfect kiss. A legendary kiss that makes people crazy with love. Imagine a summer’s night, on a moonlit beach in the South of France, as French boy Laurent kisses 16-year-old Delilah after the best chat-up line she’s ever heard. BOOM! Delilah is pretty sure the Kiss is fiction, despite her head-spinning holiday fling. But with all the sudden crushes, break-ups and melt-downs happening back at home, the Kiss starts looking a little too real for comfort. If only Delilah could keep track of where it’s gone …Who knew one kiss could cause this much trouble? A hilarious rom-com that will delight Geek Girls everywhere!

cooltext1889171582 copy3/5 Stars

***I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley & Hachette Children’s Group.

The Kiss is a hilarious coming of age story with plenty of romance, friendship, and embarrassment to keep you laughing the whole time. 


  • The Kiss is a laugh out loud, fun, coming of age story. There’s plenty of cringe-worthy blunders as Delilah struggles through romance. The comparisons are creative, funky, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Alone, they’re enough to keep you happy and wonderfully entertained. The Kiss is a feel good, light-hearted book perfect for the beach or a relaxing day. Some scenes are painfully awkward, in that avert your eyes way. It’s hilarious. 
  • Delilah is spastic, spontaneous, and for all her scheming, makes a mess of everything no matter how hard she tries. Delilah is a romantic who has been burned badly by love. She is hyper-critical of male attention and yet, is a playful flirt. Underneath her childish behavior, Delilah is a sweetheart who will do anything for her friends. Delilah grows and explores her feelings, opening up to new adventures. 
  • Jem and Delilah are adorable together. They’re the kind of crazy, wild sweetness that fills you with warmth and instantaneous happiness. They’re so cute together. His sort of bad boy flirt pairs well with her stand-offish behavior. He teases and challenges her, forces her to reevaluate her decisions and helps her grow. 
  • The theater people, the body art painters, and Oz are comical, perfectly weird characters. Each has their own defining trait that will make you chuckle and want to learn more. Their energy is off the charts, the dialogue flows well, and it’s almost like you’re there, participating. 


  • The premise of Aphrodite’s Kiss was intriguing and creative but fell apart as focus was lost. The whimsical magic of the Kiss was forgotten as drama and gossip quickly became the focal point.
  • Delilah seems much younger than her age. She’s incredibly immature and sometimes her cheesy, naiveté takes away from the story. In other sections, Delilah is mature, goal-oriented, and compassionate. She almost seems like two different characters.
  • Some secondary characters were missing that lively energy that makes them memorable. As Delilah’s best friend, Tabby and her storyline (while integral) were bland and predictable. Tabby’s personality is muted except for bursts of animosity that are like a slap in the face. Delilah’s ex and the random troublemaker Studs had the potential to liven up the story with a whole lot of drama but when the trouble did happen, it was summarized. I wanted front row tickets to the reckoning and got a brief line or two.

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