Review: Use Somebody-Riley Jean

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“‘Time to wake up,’ he nudged me gently. 

‘Nuh-uh, you wake down.’

He chuckled. ‘Come on Rosie. Do you know what time it is?’

‘Yes! It’s snuggle o’clock!’

‘It’s five-thirty, you adorable girl, you.’

‘No. Snuggle. O’clock.” I held up a lazily closed fist. ‘Or you’ll have to deal with this.'”

cooltext1889161239 copy“I could see it in his eyes—he wanted to be the prince who rode up on his horse and saved the day. But I was no princess, and my Prince Charming had come and gone. I couldn’t survive losing another to dragon’s fire. Or to my own poisonous touch.”

Reeling from a traumatic and heart-shattering night, Scarlett Rossi escapes back to her hometown, a place that never changes, though nothing about her is the same. The new Scar is fierce. Untouchable. And resolved to bury the twisted nightmares of that horrible night… the night when everything was stolen from her… the night that divided her life into two: before him, and after.

When do-gooder Vance Holloway makes it his personal mission to cheer up the new girl at work, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Scarlett’s tough shell and spicy attitude doesn’t fool him. He knows deep down, that sweet, innocent smile still exists, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove it. Patience, persistence, and a little ice cream pay off. Slowly they become friends. Then best friends. Then more. Only one problem: he was never supposed to fall in love.

So begins an explosive tryst of pull and resistance, between one worthy white knight, and the damsel who doesn’t want to be saved. Scarlett won’t survive another heartbreak, but can their friendship survive a compromise?

If Vance is so determined to break down these walls, he’ll have to learn—just as she did—that when it comes to things like trust and love, there are always consequences.

Because the last man that she loved swore to protect her, then paid with his life. And took with him a piece of her soul.

Now Scarlett must decide if true strength means guarding her heart, or surrendering to it once more. One final secret remains: what really happened the night she swore she’d never love another man, and whose hands are stained with his blood?

An emotional journey of mystery, redemption, and epic romance. Complete stand alone with 250K words. Recommended for mature readers due to some heavy material.

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cooltext1889171582 copy4/5 Stars

***I received this ebook as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author.

+++Contains Triggers: Sexual assault, suicide, violence, mature themes. 

When I picked up Use Somebody I was expecting a wistful contemporary about lost love and the reckless risks we take with our hearts. I never expected a saga of lust, longing, and mistakes.Use Somebody is a massive, gut-wrenching look into the agony of failed love, and the salvation gained through opening your heart up again. Brutal, real, and honest, Scarlett is a girl that anyone can relate to.


  • Scarlett is jaded, hurt, and has serious trust issues. Her past is like a dagger to the heart. Raw, horrific, and made of pain. The Scarlett of the past was a sweet little pushover, who went along with her friends and shoved her own opinions to the side. She took harsh criticism from her friends and felt so much smaller than she was. It was agony watching such a beautiful, kind person get beat down by the people that she called friends. There was a bright innocence to old Scarlett that felt like happiness and light. The transition to Scarlett after was a total shock. Everything that Scarlett once was is cast off for this Scar persona with dark hair and funky style. The chip on her shoulder is gigantic. Scar doesn’t know who she is anymore, if the girl in the mirror is the real her or the Scarlett of the past is still lurking beneath the surface. As Scar struggles to find a balance and battles with depression and twisted memories, she learns to give into her emotions that she bottled up for so long. It’s bittersweet and heart-warming to see her let down her defenses, to give love a chance. There are moments of self-destruction and darkness that eats away at her soul. You’ll want to reach out and hug her, to push her into Vance’s arms but at the same time, apprehension reigns. Like Scarlett, knowing her past, it’s impossible to trust. As Scar makes mistakes and her choices get hazy, fierce loyalty for this sad, searching girl takes over. I adored both Scar and Scarlett. Scar’s guilt cripples her. Her PTSD is nearly debilitating when it strikes and seeing the trauma might be too much for some readers. 
  • Mystery propels the plot forward. The shifts to the past serve as triggers and broken memories that leave you questioning everything. Nothing is what it seems and why the truth comes out, it’s darker and more shocking than anything I could have imagined. 
  • The style is perfect. It reads almost like a diary and with the flashback scenes, you get this wonderful multifaceted and multidimensional look at Scar’s deepest fears. You’ll feel like you know her on a personal level.
  • Vance is delectable. He’s playful and a little annoying. He jokes around and will do anything to make Scar smile. He’s made of joy and determination. With a soft side that is borderline teddy bear, Vance is a sweetheart with insane amounts of compassion. Though his past is full of heartache as well, he doesn’t show it. Vance lives in the now and it’s incredible attractive. The way he treats Scar with utmost respect and squeaks by her defenses make him irresistible. 
  • Scar and Vance together are MAGIC. The chemistry is explosive and passionate. Plus, there are scenes were they are sugar sweet together, it’s so cheesy but adorbs. 
  • Ricky. OMG I love Ricky. There’s a rough, ragged, damaged soul lurking behind the legend. Underneath it all is a sweet, if violent and very scary guy. A bad boy with a marshmallow center for the right girl. The way he welcomes Scar into his world is uplifting. It lets you see a side of him that he doesn’t show to the outside world, a side that is broken but hopeful. It’s hard to know where Ricky stands but his adoration for Scar is clear. 


  • The female relationships were somewhat stereotypical and a bit of a mess. They flashed hot and cold, were a crazy downward spiral of gossip and betrayal. While the drama was definitely a plus and granted insight into Scarlett’s past, the anger and outrage about Scarlett’s love life was heavy and the comments were immature for college girls. Why Scarlett even associated with them was unclear other than that she was clinging to a past she wanted to forget. It didn’t add up.

If you like any of the following, you’ll enjoy this:





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