Spotlight: Magience-Cari Silver

Young brunette woman in a park portrait. IR-style colors.


cooltext1889161239 copyWhen an empire is at war, growing up means seeing more killing, more magic, and more undead, than a girl could ever wish for. Ellinca has better things to do with her life than fighting a war, but what if she could end it…

In her search to find out who she is, Ellinca has to dodge soldiers as well as the villainous Hilas Frope, who wants to execute her ASAP. If only he was the end of her problems. The creatures following her may be worse, for among them is the undead.

The empire is falling apart, and every step seems to be taking her in an entirely wrong and incredibly unsafe direction.

cooltext1889172435 copyTeaser2[1]


cooltext1889178114 copyCari Silver is an Australian author of Young Adult fiction. Magience is her first YA novel though she’s an NY Times bestseller in other genres.



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