ARC Review: My Zombie Boyfriend-T. Strange

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Release Date: April 15, 2015

Genres: Paranormal/Horror, Contemporary, M/M, New Adult

cooltext1804448395 copyEdward Grey is a medical student by day, necromancer by night. He lives alone with the first zombie he ever raised, his childhood cat, Boo. Edward’s life is simple: studying medicine, training his necromantic powers with his mentor, Mariel, and having weekly dinners with his parents. When he finds a very attractive corpse in a park and brings it home to reanimate, he creates a sassy, free-willed zombie who believes Edward is the one who murdered him. With no memory of his former life, Edward names the zombie Kit and tries to win his trust. Kit slowly adjusts to his new un-life with Edward’s help, though he’s still suspicious of Edward’s role in his death and is convinced that Edward is hiding his former identity. Edward is very attracted to Kit, but understands why Kit doesn’t trust him. As they become closer to one another, Kit turns to Edward for comfort and love. The fragile trust they’ve built together will be tested when Kit unexpectedly regains his memory and seeks revenge on his murderers. cooltext1804462224 copyShopping with Kit was a nightmare.

I expect my clothes to cover publicly unacceptable bits, keep me warm, and protect me from the environment. That’s about all I require of them. No. Kit was into Fashion. With a capital F.

He looked at racks of shirts that, color aside, all seemed identical to me. He kept staring at the labels. I got more than a little impatient. It had been a long day. Not to mention my long night raising the temperamental dead.

“Kit,” I groaned, “money is not an issue. Just pick whatever you want and I’ll buy it for you. I literally do not care how much it costs.”

Kit’s mouth fell open in a perfect, sexy ‘O’ of exaggerated horror. “You think I’m looking at the prices? Oh, Edward. That’s so cute.”

He thought I was cute? I knew he was teasing me, but I still liked hearing him say it. My headache was back. This seemed to be a trend with Kit around. If he wasn’t looking at the prices, what was taking him so long?

I took a deep, soothing breath. On the plus side, Kit had obviously relaxed since being out in public. I had heard of retail therapy but never before witnessed its effect. He was practically glowing as he chattered on about the relative merits of this and that brand, designer and logo. It was a soothing wash of words that meant absolutely nothing to me, so I nodded, smiled, and tried not to focus on how pretty his mouth was, the way his hands seemed to hang in the air when he spoke, how amazing his hair looked even in the terrible mall lighting. It was a good thing he was so pretty, or I probably would have killed him and left. It would be so easy, too. One word and he would collapse, his reanimated essence disappearing while I walked out of the store and back into my nice, normal medical student/necromancer life.

“Hello? Earth to Edward. I’m ready.” He thrust a very large bundle of clothes into my arms and stood there, all but tapping his foot. He smiled and said, “Oh, yes. We still have to get shoes.”

cooltext1804472332 copy4/5 Stars

***I was fortunate enough to beta read this book 🙂

My Zombie Boyfriend is an unexpected love story. It’s hard to imagine zombies as sexy or compassionate but T. Strange takes zombies and makes them so full of life you forget they’re undead 😉 


  • Edward is smart, dorky, kind of dark in an Ichabod Crane way. He’s grounded and rational, the complete opposite of Kit. Edward doesn’t understand why dressing to the nines is important or how to socialize. He’s so awkward it’s endearing. 
  • Kit is gorgeous, eclectic, made of sass and an all out fashionista. He’s a bit of a snob too. Kit pushes Edward out of his comfort zone and brings light into their dreary, dull household. Kit can be snarky and rude and sometimes he doesn’t even know how mean he’s being. I swooned over his good looks and fashion sense. Hot. 
  • Boo. Boo is simultaneously the most disgusting and charming beast. He’s got so much personality you can imagine his thoughts. Boo is a nightmare, he’s like all of those sinister cat videos where they just knock your stuff of the table for fun and then glare at you like you’re the problem. He’s destructive, violent, a kind of creepy lurker but lovable in the way Draco Malfoy is. 😉 
  • Kit and Edward are adorable together. Edward’s infatuation reads like puppy love but develops into so much more. They’re playful and drive each other crazy. They both have quirks that irritate one another but somehow it works. Some scenes are too perfect for words. They have a natural flow that will make you laugh out loud and fall hard for Edward and Kit. My Little Pony. Hysterical. Their banter is quick and witty, full of barbs that are made up for with little tokens of forgiveness. Crazy cute. 
  • You will never look at a rubber duck the same again. Every time I go into a store and see something rubber duck related I think of this book and smile. You might suddenly feel compelled to collect rubber ducks. Beware. The struggle is real. 
  • Bone was by far my favorite character. He’s disturbing and macabre. Fascinated by death he doesn’t have boundaries and does what he wants. He’s terrifying  half the time but there’s a badness that’s way sexy. 


  • Mariel is a sort of skeevy weirdo. She’s a temptress without being sexy. It’s the most bizarre thing. Plus, she’s got wicked voodoo skills. She’s a force to be reckoned with but extremely unlikable and kind of wishy-washy as an antagonist.cooltext1804451952 copyMy Zombie Boyfriend is T. Strange’s first full-length novel, though she has published several shorter works with Torquere Press. When not writing, T. enjoys gardening, spending time with her horse, and, of course, reading. T. lives in Canada with her wife, surrounded by pets. 

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