Review: Beneath the Layers-Mia Rivers


cooltext1889161239 copyI have a secret.

A secret that no-one besides my boyfriend, my mother and I know. A secret from my past which has me trapped in a relationship from hell.

Refusing to tell a soul, I’ve kept it balled up inside for the past few years, trying to seem composed for the world while my reality was the complete opposite. I gave up on any hopes of a different life. A life where love and happiness existed. Alex, personally saw to it himself. He made sure it was drilled deep within my brain. This was the hand that life had dealt me. The life I learned to accept.

Until the day I bumped into Nick.

A gorgeous man who’s haunted my thoughts and awakened my desires. A man, whose persistence turned my world upside down, more than it already was. The same man who also happened to be my boss and had a secret of his own. A secret that I couldn’t decipher, even when it stood right in front of me. A secret that would blow me away.

My name is Tara and this is my story.

cooltext1889171582 copy4/5 Stars 

***I received this ebook as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author

+++Contains brief scenes of violence and sexual assault. Triggers.


  • Tara is a sweetheart. She’s loyal to a fault and does everything in her power to make things run smoothly. Scared of conflict, Tara prefers to ease out of difficult situations and appease people rather than listen to her heart. Tara is trapped by a secret that dictates her life. You can feel the anxiety and war taking place in her mind as she struggles to control her feelings. She makes excuses for people because she has to in order to keep her mother safe. Tara sacrifices her happiness for a deception made years ago. She’s a victim of circumstance and much of her control is left in the hands of her boyfriend, a guy that pretty much disgusts her. Tara is resolved and strong, determined and such a sweet, loving person. It pained me to see her push her emotions aside and settle. 
  • Nick is made of control and sex. He rules his empire with a firm hand that makes him scary to some and magnetic to others. The way he pursues Tara is like a fierce predator stalking his prey, powerful and compelling. His words are raw and packed with sex appeal. He’s got secrets that hint at an inner darkness that’s irresistible. As Nick starts to fall for Tara you get a glimpse of the guy between the mask and he’s even better than you’d imagine.
  • Tara and Nick have explosive chemistry. Sweltering, smoking hot. The lingering gazes, the promises of rich carnal passion is in everything they do. Their interactions are rife with it. They tease and pester each other. The resistance only makes it that much better.
  • Mystery drives the plot. The hunger for answers propels the story forward as little hints suggest something too sinister and unexpected to fathom. The truth outs and even with the clues the incident is startling and graphic. The terrible secret Tara has to live with and the sacrifices she makes to both her life and her heart are traumatic and gut-wrenching. Tara’s past is heartbreaking. I appreciated that Mia didn’t make the scenes too explicit.
  • That ending. I sat there dumbfounded and shocked. Couldn’t even function and then the anger set in. Get ready to feel the rage readers because this is a twist you will not see coming and it’s devastating. 


  • Secondary characters were intriguing but slipped into the background. I would have liked to see more of them. Each friend was unique, spirited and had something fun about them but there were hardly part of the story. These girls ground Tara and force her out of her comfort zone, pushing her to open her heart up to possibility. 
  • Nick’s life outside of the workplace, his likes and dislikes, his friendships and relationships were made of allusions or not mentioned at all. Nick’s personality is dominant and crazy sexy but there were pieces of the puzzle missing that made him more mystery than anything else. 

cooltext1889172435 copy10914995_397900910370034_8856240893593504580_o10700382_353307148162744_1083296848004658493_o11117356_1557751074485702_1964860980_n

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Happy reading,

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