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***I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author

cooltext1544204149 copyPeter Stewart is a dead ringer for the legendary King Arthur, and because of that, everyone in Carlion believes that he is the Child of the Prophecy, destined to destroy the Shadow Lord. But Peter doesn’t want to be a hero; all he wants to be is left alone.

Lily Portman also fits the prophecy. Having spent her entire life as an orphan and a misfit, Lily would love nothing more than to be the Child of the Prophecy, so she envies Peter… but she’s also developing a crush on him. And it seems to her that he couldn’t care less.

Isdemus and the Watchers believe that it is only a matter of time before Peter’s twin brother Kane betrays them all and frees the Shadow Lord. The winner of the war to come depends on who has the legendary Philosopher’s Stone—the only problem is, it has been lost since the days of Arthur.

With the help of a skeptical anthropologist, the Watchers attempt to decode the ancient treasure maps that lead them to the heart of Egypt and the dawn of time. Meanwhile, Lily and Peter discover that Peter holds the real key to the mystery… but will they be too late?

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4/5 Stars


  • Like the first book, Intangible, Gray does an impeccable jobs of integrating multiple cultures and belief systems so that they seem a natural component of the Arthurian stories. Everything is interconnected and multilayered. It’s amazing how well everything fits together. 
  • The shifting between Kane/the Shadow Lord’s perspective and Peter’s added a personal dimension to the characters that made it much easier to identify with them and sympathize on a purely emotional level.
  • Kane is such a complex and broken character. In some respects he’s incredibly strong, a fierce warrior with a take charge attitude and tons of bravery. On the other, he’s burdened by a past that haunts him, a raw, heavy feeling of rejection, and the destruction of his dreams of being the child of the prophecy. Seeing Kane trapped and manipulated, unable to control his actions after making a terrible choice was devastating. His character is wonderfully complicated and full of powerful emotions. The Kane of the first book is transformed and warms his way into your heart. While he doesn’t have many redeeming qualities, all that he’s suffered, and really getting a grip on how he makes his decisions grants a psychological understanding previously absent. Kane is helpless but he fights harder than he ever has to do what is right. It’s a massive change in character and his growth is astounding.
  • Eustace is hilarious. He’s like that obnoxious little brother than is always getting in trouble and his mischief is off the charts. At the same time, Eustace is smart and such an asset to the team.
  • I loved the idea of Clarion, the school is so much better than a normal high school and I really appreciated the scenes moving through the human body as a blood cell or flying as a bird (like in the original stories). The detail was amazing. Every toss and turn, the exhilaration and the terror combined into a stupendous rush.
  • When Sargon and Peter meet. The tension could be cut with a knife. The hatred and evil in one being is sinister and vile, his disregard for human life is terrifying. He’ll stop at nothing to achieve world domination. The final battle scene was up in the air. The uncertainty was intense. The clash of elemental magic, the penumbra’s talons and blood lust, and the strain on their bodies even as a team was made of nail-biting anxiety.
  • Although Intangible is a YA book, the sections with the adults were just as interesting and were a story in itself that I would love to read. The relationship between Peter’s dad and the lives of the Watchers, there’s a lot of mystery and unanswered questions. They’re intriguing, unique characters that when looked at individually are as compelling as the whole Watcher group.
  • Lily is quirky but in this book she has a softer, more insecure side that makes her more relatable. The girl is going through a life changing moment and she can’t always be strong. It’s great to read a girl who is unafraid to admit when she’s scared or feeling sad. 
  • The chemistry between Lily and Peter is awkward and ever-changing. It’s at that weird liminal stage, when they’re trying to decide between friendship and something more. 


  • The connection between the Arthurian legends, physics, astrology, and symbology were further expanded upon in this sequel but the Egyptian sect of Watchers was added in causing the knowledge gained through the first book to become even more fuzzy and convoluted. The Egyptian beliefs and mythology were not as clearly defined as I would have like and I really just yearned for the characters to spell it out in simpler terms. 
  • Peter is consumed by angst and feeling sorry for himself. He’s reckless and stubborn, not unlike Harry Potter in the Order of the Phoenix. His selfishness and whiny got a little annoying after a while and made him far less likable than in the 1st book.

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