One Lovely Blog Award


I’ve just been nominated by Brin over @ Brin’s Book Blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m so flattered and completely psyched about this award. Thank you, Brin, for the nomination and your kind words about my blog. To all of my readers, thank you for sticking with my blog, for reading, for coming back. With so many blogs out there it’s wonderful to know that you enjoy the blog and it really validates everything I do. I love spreading the word about new releases for both Indies and traditionally published authors and my real goal is to match you lovely readers up with books that you may not have heard of but can fall in love with. Blogging is so rewarding, it connects you with people from all over the world through a shared love of subjects-in this case, books. I have grown to know some of you and befriend you, and if you ever just want to chat about books, don’t hesitate to comment, email, tweet, or find me on Facebook. I’m always around to gush about new book boyfriends or old ones 😉 I’m honored that authors, publishers, and publicity agencies have put their faith in me to get these books out in the world to readers just like you. It’s incredible the response and the genuine hearts of some many people I never would have met if not for this blog. So from the bottom of my heart thank you, Brin and all the people who make this blog as awesome as it is 🙂

The rules for this nomination are:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  • You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

7 facts about me:

  • I’m terrified of space and the ocean. Vast, unknown spaces creepy me out to the point of hyperventilating. However, I love aliens-books, movies, tv series- and sharks.
  • I speak Russian and some French in addition to English. I adore Russian culture and literature especially. My top books are Russian classics like Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. My favorite is Zamyatin.
  • I have a Master’s in Russian and East European studies, would love to work for a nonprofit in something like battling religious intolerance or human trafficking. I want to make the world a safer place.
  • I am more than half way done with my first novel, though I have several stories in the works.
  • My favorite color is burnt orange. Though many things I own are in various shades of reds and oranges. I currently have on a burnt orange tank top, my toes are painted Times Square Orange, and MacBook hardcase is a neon orangey-red. Also, my Starbucks iced coffee is tinted red because of 2 pumps of raspberry syrup. It’s a little obsessive.
  • I love to be informed. I’m constantly reading the news or Googling things. Whatever questions that pop into my head, I immediately look up. Therefore, I’m sort of a walking encylopedia of randomness. Like, today for instance, I got into a conversation about the origins of saying “bless you” after someone sneezes. Did you know people originally said “thanks be to Jupiter”? Fascinating stuff.
  • I have a thing for the underdog. When people ship one guy, I almost always pick the other. Jacob Black was wayyyyyy better than Edward. Although…Maxon was the better choice for America, someone else can keep Aspen.

Blogs I am nominating:

Thank you again and feel free not to accept the nomination, don’t feel obligated.

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3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thanks so much for nominating me!! 😀
    P.S. I think it’s so cool that you can speak Russian! Was it hard for you to learn another language so well? How long did it take? I’m just curious- I love languages, and I’m currently trying to learn Spanish.


    • Russian is hard. It’s a different alphabet. It took 3 years, i lived in Russia for 2 months and attended the university in Moscow but am I fluent, it’s hard to say. I feel like even as a native English speaker I’m always learning new terms and phrases so languages are a learning experience that is life long. But once you know one well, you can kind of find root words and understand quite a bit of other languages. Like I have no problem reading French or German or even Czech.


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