ARC Review: A Lonely Magic-Sarah Wynde

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3/5 Stars 

Release Date: July 10, 2014

*** I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley and All Night Reads

cooltext1602390596 copyFen’s life is on track—she works, she studies, she pays her rent—until a gorgeous guy points a gun at her and demands that she choose how she wants to die. What the hell? When a teenage boy, Luke, comes to her rescue, she survives, but escape won’t be so easy.

Luke’s sexy older brother, Kaio, offers to help her, but his protection simmers with unnerving undercurrents. The brothers have secrets and Fen has questions. Who are they? How did they find her? And why was she targeted for murder in the first place?

When Fen and Luke are forced to run for their lives, Luke spirits Fen down into an enchanting underwater city. But every enchantment has its dark edges. Caught in tides of romance, fear, and a plot to destroy humanity, Fen must look deep within herself to find the strength and courage she’ll need to stay afloat in an amazing new world.

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  • The back story is an actual history of the people down to miniscule details such as inherent personality types. Everything is meticulously plotted and the explanations behind the dwindling population is both mysterious and probable. Unlike any Atlantis story I’ve come across.
  • Plot twist.
  • Gaelith is a fierce, blunt, intelligent woman who has a poised air about her. She’s full of passion for what she does and wields her magic into beautiful art. She is patient and kind with Fen, helping her to adjust and is a grounded example for Fen. 
  • Luke is like a playful puppy. He’s flirty and gentleman-like all at once. He’s so genuine and carefree with Fen, it’s hard not to swoon over him. He’s full of light and laughter, he brings a cheerful element to the plot. Luke is attentive, sometimes reckless, but does everything from the heart, and though boyish is incredibly sexy.
  • Kaio is the dark, lush bad boy that’s as brooding as he is mysterious. His take charge attitude and few words are magnetic. Kaio says so much with a look and always has a plan. He’s the mastermind behind everything. 
  • The action scenes, the role of nanos and how they function as magic is so creative and pretty epic. The way matter bends to whim and tattoos can leap from skin and become real was fascinating to read. The chaos and rage quickly escalated as the battle took place. Everything seems to happen in an instant.
  • Semi-Con: The cover is beautiful. The combination of colors, the play on lighting, and the girl’s curious pose are perfect. I loved that the cover was not set underwater and that the focus is more on the girl (Fen) and her enchantment with this magical world. What I really dislike is the text. The colors are garish and clash with the overall image.


  • Fen’s constant use of expletives got to be a bit much. Every other word was a curse and apart from that and her love of books, it detracted from any true personality development. 
  • The middle was muddled and slow. The first pages of the book were enthralling, you were left dying to know whether Fen would survive the attack. The adrenaline was amazing, there was just the right amount of hysteria and anxiety to keep you guessing. The ending was explosive. Between the massive reveal and wicked fight scene, it was all action and marvelous description. After the first main scene, the story kind of fizzled out. 
  • There was a suggestive love triangle (the only thing more frustrating than a predictable love triangle is one that is teased and never happens). SPOILERS STOP NOW IF YOU PREFER: The entire time, Fen is extremely attracted to both Kaio and Luke and NOTHING. There’s a lot of angst and dirty thoughts but nothing significant comes of it and the whole book is spent eagerly waiting for something to happen…anything…nothing but disappointment and false hope.

If you like any of the following, you’ll enjoy this:

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Pleasant reading,

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