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3/5 Stars

Love Shots-Sidionia Rose

Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Publication Date: April 4, 2014

***I received Love Shots as a gift in exchange for an honest review and blog tour participation.

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His hand is so warm and inviting. I can’t think of anyone that has ever touched me so tenderly before. Before I can gather my thoughts I feel his breath on my face. “I just need to kiss you.” His lips are on mine. I am stunned. Before I realize it, he has pulled me into his embrace.


“Man Kevin needs his ass kicked in this book. Wait, what did they call him? I highlighted it, hold on. Here it is a douche canoe. What the hell is a douche canoe? I mean it can’t be good.” 


Kyle Pierce used to know what she wanted. At the top of her list was the perfect boyfriend. She found him in Lance Makin her senior year in high school. She was the head cheerleader and he was the new star quarterback. Even going to separate colleges was no problem for them.

It was perfect until the weekend it all changed for Kyle. She has new priorities that include her own education, making new friends and most importantly NO DATING!

That is until Nicholas Richards moves into her world. He’s not taking no for an answer. He’s her friend and he wants her to date him.

Kyle isn’t going to date Nick. She doesn’t mind hanging out or running errands. She tells him and everyone else they are friends.

Can they really be just friends?


  • Kyle is haunted by her past. She made a horrible mistake and has paid for it ever since. She can’t bring herself to find peace with her actions and her entire family keeps her on a tight leash, afraid she’ll crash again. Kyle has tried to revive her life, she’s focused, driven, she is a compulsive list maker and takes care of everyone around her. Kyle is a caring, loving girl who, jaded by her past, is terrified to fall in love because she knows she’ll screw it up and hurt someone. Sometimes Kyle is gripped with debilitating sadness and agony over her mistakes, her tears are a never ending waterfall of heartache and regret. Kyle is honest, she fights through these bouts of sadness, analyzing herself, her wants, and sticking to her goals. She’s unafraid to speak up to her brothers and when her wild side comes out, she’s a playful prankster whose broken heart is in desperate need of healing and yet resilient. Kyle is full of light and love.
  • Nick is so incredibly attentive. He’s always there for Kyle, wrapping her safe in his arms, making her feel warm and protected. He’s a gentleman, thinking of Kyle’s feelings first. His persistent pursuit of Kyle is lighthearted and amazingly sexy. He’s constantly complementing her, cornering her in that wonderful crowding of space way so that she feels his presence in her entire body. Nick always wants her and doesn’t let her refusal sway him. At times you’ll want to smack both protagonists in the head because they’re both so stubborn.
  • There are a few mysterious and questionable plot points that will leave you feeling creeped out and apprehensive about Nick and his motives. This uncertainty will spur you on eager to discover what’s going on beneath the surface.
  • Kyle’s poem, her flashbacks of that nearly deadly time are so poignant and emotionally raw. If you’ve ever felt alone and so heartbroken because of a stupid decision this will ring as completely honest and almost bittersweet.
  • Kyle’s emotional journey is a rocky one and just when you think she’s made positive choice, the climax happens and everything you thought you knew is tossed up in the air.
  • That ending.


  • The dialogue is a little awkward and at times feels forced.
  • There were a couple weird constructions and typos.
  • A few plot elements were left unresolved. What did that letter say? Other plot elements could be a subject for the next book but this was an immediate and forgotten piece.
  • Kyle’s past is tragic but some things are never made really clear. The main event that ended her previous relationship should have been more traumatic for Kyle as a girl and not focused on the loss of her boyfriend. I would have liked to see more of an emotional reflection on that scene in regards to Kyle’s specific loss, the crushing horror, the shame, and from the way it was made out, subtly, this wasn’t just a mistake but a first mistake which makes it all the more important to Kyle.
  • Random changes in personality and feelings. Dean is the most striking example of this. Near the end, abruptly, it’s all an act? Felt very rushed and unrealistic.

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Author Photo ~ Sidonia

Sidonia Rose lives in suburban Maryland with her family. Sidonia has a long love affair with books. She started early by memorizing her Dr. Seuss books read to her, so she could read them to her parents instead. She is often found with a book in her hands or a couple of books so she can lend to a friend. You can often spot her by her toe shoes.

After a long career homeschooling she continued onward to pursue her love of books by writing her own books. Love Shots is her first novel released in 2014.

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