New Adult/Adult Reviews

Hi all,

This is just a brief announcement of what is coming up this week. I have a research paper on the ICTY and implementation of genocide charges which is taking up a massive amount of my review time. However, I have several blog tours and giveaways scheduled for this week. The majority of these reviews are NA or Adult. Don’t worry, I will definitely include new release YA in between the NA. I have received so many requests lately and oddly enough, most of them have been for adult fiction. Go figure. But I’m happy to review anything really and hope that all of you are open to exploring this world of adult fiction with me while I review a genre I haven’t touched in years. Just don’t think that I’ve given up on YA because that is NOT the case. My love of YA knows no bounds and I have a bunch of YA reviews and reveals in the works for you. If you guys have any requests or suggestions, feel free to comment or contact me in one of the options under contact info at the top of the blog.

As always, happy reading friends,


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