Review: The Conduit-Stacey Rourke

4/5 Stars 

The Conduit (Gryphon, #1)-Stacey Rourke

12995248Like a switch had been flipped, the light vanished. The eagle was gone. In its place was a woman-of sorts. Her face was flawless beauty, made odd by the golden feathers that cascaded from her head in place of hair. Her curvaceous body was absent of clothing but adorned with bronze feathers. Gigantic wings of the same color sprouted from her back and fanned out behind her.


“You kissed a guy and then floated? Geez, can you imagine what would happen if you let him get a little boobage?” His eyes widened in mock alarm. “Lasers might shoot out of your eyeballs. You could completely eviscerate the guy.”

***The Conduit is technically classified as New Adult but I feel that it fits in both NA and YA. It’s right on the border and there’s nothing wildly inappropriate or horrible language.

***The Goodreads summary for this book is a little off. Honestly, I don’t know where they got some of that stuff.

Plot: After the tragic, untimely death of their father, the Garrett siblings are sent to live with their grandmother in the quaint town of Gainesboro, Tennessee while their mother waits for their house to sell. Gainesboro is tiny, everyone knows everyone’s business and nothing is left unknown in that town. Their grandmother is a funky former nurse with leopard bikini-wearing tendencies and a feisty, flirtatious personality. All Celeste wants is to find some piece, to escape to a clearing in the mountains where she can work on her artwork. Her brother Gabe is a former athlete who got injured, her sister Kendall is a ethereal beauty with a bubbly personality and Celeste is just Celeste. Her goal is to start college and work on becoming an art teacher. However, it seems the universe has other plans for her. Forcing her way through the crowded garage to get to her car, Celeste is startled by her brother’s stupidity. The truck is really packed in there. Celeste starts to pull out and tons of boxes of who knows what crash into the car. Working to clean up the mess and way to eager to punch her brother, Celeste stumbles upon a statue of a weird bird creature. Celeste’s grandmother explains that the statue is a a gryphon, half bird half lion, a creature of Celtic mythology said to guard some of the world’s most precious relics, like Noah’s Ark. The gryphon is also a protector that shelters the world from evil. Somehow, Celeste is stabbed in the finger by the statue and immediately feels a kinship towards it. She takes the gryphon and places him in her room. When Celeste finally gets to the clearing, a magical being tells her a prophecy, a legend really, that labels her and her siblings as the Gryphon’s warriors. When strange things start to happen, Celeste and her siblings set off on an accelerated course in Celtic mythology 101, learing of the horrible past, a heroic choice, and an inescapable fate that haunts their bloodline. A battle of good vs evil hundreds of years in the making, The Conduit is an adventure you should definitely take.


  • Where do I even begin you guys? I really enjoyed this book, I read almost straight through and if it hadn’t been for class, I probably would have. The bond between siblings is so authentic and full of wonderful comic relief and so much love for each other. As someone who has three siblings, the compulsion to simultaneously strangle your sibling and wrap them in a hug is just too real and all too funny. Their dialogue is seamless, completely fluid and fueled by a witty, powerful energy. They’re compelling as individual characters but as a family, they’re a force to be reckoned with.
  • For those of you who don’t know, a gryphon/griffin is this:Griffin
  • The Celtic mythology, the complex intertwining of legend with the contemporary was brilliantly done and drags you into the story, eager for more. I adore books with new mythological creatures, something different from the werewolves and faeries. Gryphons, who knew they could be so fascinating, not to mention hardcore warriors.
  • Battle scenes. It’s easy to feel let down or cheated when a battle scene seems too easy or dare I say, boring. Rourke’s battle scenes are filled with blood, broken bones, twisted bodies and action galore. Heart racing, palms sweating and racing through pages to see who will survive the epic battle or good vs evil will ensue.
  • THE DESCRIPTIONS. They’re breathtaking, beautiful wordcraft, and something I’ve been missing as of late. SO MANY now are telling and not showing, this book definitely paints glorious, detailed pictures and the word choice=<3.
  • One-liners. Rourke seems to be a master at witty, sarcastic banter much in the vein of Jennifer L. Armentrout. Laughs in abundance.
  • Celeste is an unconventional heroine. She’s clumsy, she’s a little shy but as her destiny takes hold she becomes the epitome of strength. Celeste finds her voice, some B.A. fighting skills, sassy comebacks, and confidence but mostly she finally discovers who she wants to be.
  • Kendall. Kendall is that glowing, always happy beauty that everyone loves to hate but she’s so cute that you can’t help but be enchanted. Kendall goes through a dramatic change through the book and her development into an edgy, bold young woman is inspiring.
  • Gabe is the typical brother. He’s obnoxious, competitive, energetic, and full of pent up aggression. However, he has a broken, jaded side that is so raw and real that you’ll forgive him his annoying comments.


  • There wasn’t enough conflict. The majority happened near the end of the book and the main antagonist wasn’t around except for a scene or two.
  • Love. Alec and Celeste, Keith and Kendall, the chemistry wasn’t there.

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Pleasant reading,


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