Review: Obsidian-Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hi guys! I’m excited to share with you some news! Tomorrow, I am participating in a Book Blast Blog Tour and will be featuring Twisted by KayCee R. For those of you who may be interested, it is YA, it is supernatural, and there are many sexy male characters. Check it out.

I’m 50% done with Allegiant. There are several negative reviews on Amazon, 1-Star ratings. Let me tell you right now, for those of you who trust my judgement as a book reviewer, there’s no way I would consider this a 1-Star book, though everyone is entitled to their opinions. I should finish and post a review this weekend for those who are dying to read it, it will not be spoilery!

Also, for those of you who take part in Epic Reads TeaTime, I fully nerded out to the Spreecast today and my texts were on the live screen feed! If you want a recap on what was discussed, you can see that here: Allegiant Party

TBH moment: This book has been sitting on my TBR pile forever. Now that I’ve read it, I’m kicking myself for not picking it up sooner.

4.5/5 Stars

Obsidian (Lux, #1)-Jennifer L. Armentrout


Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.


A sweet, hot fire washed over my skin, and I squeezed my eyes shut. Every inch of me was hyper-aware of him. Of how my body fit against his, the way his thighs were pressed against mine, the hardness of his stomach under my hand. My hormones kicked in with the power of a dropkick to the stomach. Heated lightning zipped through my veins. For a moment, I pretended.

Plot: After the death of her father, Katy is just trying to live her life. Thinking they needed a drastic change after the tragic event, her mother decided to whisk her away to a new state, in a small town. Katy had her doubts about West Virginia. She assumed she’d be bored to death within hours of moving there, or at least, have her ear talked off by people with strong southern accents. What Katy didn’t expect was the smoking hot guy next door with the dazzling, sensual green eyes, and the toned, drool-worthy body. Never has Katy ever been so attracted to a guy before, that is, until he opens his mouth. Katy knocked on the door to get some directions, thinking hey, southern hospitality, and gets a verbal slap in the face. Not only does Daemon insult her, but he dismisses her as if she isn’t worth his time. When Dee, Daemon’s twin sister surprises her at the grocery store to apologize for her brother’s behavior, Katy is more than apprehensive. She can’t help but notice the way the townspeople shy away from Dee, and stare. Katy knows that there’s something off about Dee but she’s dying for a friend, and once she gets to know what a sweetheart Dee is, she’s thrust into a wonderful new friendship. Unfortunately, Dee and Daemon are a package deal. As dangers heat up, mysteries increase, and more questions are left unanswered, Katy uncovers the truth about her neighbors. Plus, Katy is just not sure what to do about Daemon. As much as he annoys her, she can’t deny her attraction, one she knows for a fact is mutual. When girls start getting attacked, Katy finds herself in the middle of an epic battle of good vs. evil.


  • The chemistry between Daemon and Katy is magnetic. It’s the kind of infuriating sexual tension that is as steamy, and passionate as it is angry. Their love/hate relationship is fueled by witty, sarcastic taunts, and innuendos that will have you speeding through the pages looking for their next interaction. The descriptions. Holy hell. Fireworks! Even that is an understatement. Every touch, sensation, feeling is highlighted, and really allows you to experience, and embrace the compelling connection between Daemon and Katy.
  • Daemon is arrogant, gorgeous, and often rude but with a hidden compassionate side. Most of the time, he’s a bit of an ass. His pointed, teasing comments will almost always insight laughter, and fury to the point of wanting to strangle him.
  • Katy is a stubborn, hot-headed, yet reserved girl who sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her. She can hold her own in a fight, is a book blogger (she gets bonus points for that), loves to read, and is unbelievably brave. She’s willing to make sacrifices, and take risks that could get her killed and doesn’t even stop to think. Katy is a heroic, down-to-earth wonder girl. Occasionally she lets her assumptions get the best of her but all in all, she’s pretty awesome, and easy to relate to.
  • Lesa is my personal favorite character. For having such a small role, she packs a lot of punch. She is an unabashed pervert, and very open with her opinions on the subject. Her lines are hilarious, warm, and a tad blush-worthy.
  • What Daemon is is a huge mystery that will leave you guessing…as long as you don’t read the full Goodreads blurb. Tisk tisk.
  • The world of the Lux is creative, complex, and intricate.


  • The explanation of the Lux was confusing, a lot of information at one time, and while fascinating, was bogged down with details. More space between reveals would have been less overwhelming.

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strange and familiar 5.30

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