Review: The Distance Between Us-Kasie West

4/5 Stars

The Distance Between Us-Kasie West


“Caymen?” “Yes?” “You look terrified. Does this scare you?” “More than anything.” “Why?” “Because I didn’t bring my mints.” “And now the real answer…” “Because I’m afraid that once you catch me, the game’s over.”

Plot: A modern retelling of the Pride and Prejudice we know and love, The Distance Between Us is a fun, flirty, hilarious tale of passion, conceit, stubbornness, and attraction that will have you smiling as often as your roll your eyes in frustration. Caymen is far from your average teenager. An only child in a single-parent home with a life that revolves around keeping the family business afloat to survive, Caymen doesn’t have time for fun. She practically runs the creepy doll store that she lives above and only has one friend, her bestie, a quirky, beautiful girl who likes to put pink streaks in her hair and go on adventures. Caymen lives vicariously through her and spends her days studying the few customers that peruse the store, usually elderly women. Everything is going monotonously as usual and Caymen is resigned to her life of boredom when a handsome stranger walks into the store. Xander Spense beckons Caymen over in the most pretentious, rude way, curling his two fingers in her direction. Caymen is offended and immediately labels him as a cocky, rich boy with a bad attitude, who feels like he owns the world and everyone should stop in their tracks to worship his awesomeness. Their interaction is cold, distant at first but then transforms into witty banter, chuck full of sarcasm and tension. Soon Xander starts showing up at the store, bringing Caymen hot chocolate, walking her to school, and she finds herself falling. As their friendship heats up into something more, Caymen is not sure she can trust Xander. Her mother had warned her since childhood of the dangers of rich, flirtatious men, in fact, Caymen’s father was one of them. Caymen doesn’t know how to let her guard down and covers her hurt and insecurities with sarcasm and self-righteousness. When Caymen’s mother begins to lie to her for the first time in her life, she starts to question her past. Caymen always knew Xander was wealthy but not that he was the heir to a huge international hotel chain, and when a tabloid informs her that Xander is dating a model she feels betrayed and doesn’t know what to believe. Will Caymen and Xander find it within their hearts to open up, to trust, and to dream together? Will she learn to let go of the past and build a future for herself? Will their blossoming love be enough to save them from their vices?


  • Caymen and Xander have some of the best dialogue, it’s quick, sarcastic, flirtatious, and full of steamy, sexual tension. Their interactions are easy, natural, and they compliment each other.
  • Xander is a compassionate, semi-wounded and unsure guy. He’s gorgeous, caring, and goes out of his way to make sure Caymen is happy. The career dates he takes her on are imaginative, compelling, and show that he really listens to what she wants and understands her on the deepest levels. He is always the first to apologize, shows up with a charismatic, adorable smirk that will win your heart.
  • Caymen is dedicated, selfless, and will do anything, sacrificing her social life and future to help her mother. When Caymen finally starts to come out of her shell she’s wild, somewhat reckless, but full of a new lease on life.
  • There are a few plot twists but the biggest one is so shocking you’ll never see it coming.
  • The mysteries, secrets, lies, and doubts make for a creative, interesting plot that will keep you yearning for more just to discover what’s going on.


  • Caymen makes ridiculous assumptions. She lets her own insecurities and prejudice cloud her judgements and makes a mess of things constantly. There are times when it’s enough to hate her a little.

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