Mid-Week Update and News

So guys it’s been a week and trust me it’s been a busy one. It’s unfortunate that my weekly school reading is so time-consuming but learning about Balkan politics and totalitarian regimes is sort of useful, right? I know I’m a day late on the mid-week update but I have some news and exciting things to share with you. As you know I’m very behind on reviews, I promise I will catch up on some this weekend. So, if you were looking for the reviews on Insignia or Kiss of Fire don’t worry they’re coming!

As I’m sure you have noticed I’ve been on an ARC trend lately and I love, love, love it. I hope you can tell that I really enjoy reviewing books and sharing my thoughts with you. I know that sometimes I can be tough but I really feel like honesty and integrity are the best policies.

Tomorrow Rebecca Ethington’s new book Through Glass will be available for purchase and I am participating in the release day blitz. I’m currently working on the review and it will definitely be posted tomorrow. I am so grateful when I receive ARC’s and to explore and experience these new books before they’re released. It’s really cool and a great way to promote something you enjoyed.

About Through Glass:

If you like dystopian and creepy science fictiony creatures this is definitely for you. It’s a love story, an exploration of dealing with loss, finding strength to carry on, and to muster the courage within yourself to fight oppression and be your own savior. It’s wonderful. For the review check back tomorrow!!!

Upcoming reviews:




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