Review: Breathless-Scott Prussing

3/5 Stars

Breathless (Blue Fire Saga, #1)-Scott Prussing


How long it lasted, she had no idea-minutes, hours, days perhaps-but when Rave finally pulled his mouth away she felt drained yet energized, lost but found, sated but wanting. And desperately, irrevocably, and joyously in love.

Plot: After her brother mysteriously disappears, Leesa applies to the same college, joins the same classes, and hunts down all of his former dorm mates to try to discover what happened to him. Despite the search for her brother, Leesa is still trying to succeed at her first semester of university life. She’s desperate to make friends, fit in, and have the greatest four years of her life. Leesa has a limp, she was born with a leg missing a fragment of bone. She’s self-conscious about her disability but always felt loved and accepted, thanks to her brother. As a child, her brother was her only comfort, he protected her from bullies, made her feel special, and gave her the love her mother was incapable of. For as long as she can remember, Leesa’s mother has ranted and raved about the one-fanged vampire that attacked her while she was pregnant with Leesa. Because of this, Leesa and her brother never had a normal childhood, their father left, and their mother was a regular recluse. She claimed the sun burned her skin, she only drank tomato juice, even pouring it on her cereal. Leesa wants nothing more than to get her brother back, but she never imagined that on her quest to save her brother she’d meet two handsome guys, learn that supernatural beings exist, and that they’re more common that she ever thought. Leesa learns about the Volkaanes, a group of vampire hunters that possess a blue fire capable of destroying vampires from the inside out, about the Mastens (the cult-like community of Volkaanes), a giant vampire coven on the outskirts of town, and of a one-fanged vampire haunting the camping trails. When girls start getting abducted from campus, and are found completely drained of blood, Leesa enlists the help of her two love interests, Rave (a Volkaane) and a vampire named Stefan, to help find her brother and stop the campus killings.


  • A one-fanged vampire. This is genius. Vampires are usually placed in one of two categories, absolute perfection or disgustingly violent monsters. The vampires of YA are the Stephanie Meyer versions or the Julie Kagawa/Holly Black, the beautiful, statuesque, glittering, objects of carnal desire or the decaying, angry, blood thirsty sadists who love to toy with their victims. An imperfect vampire, one who is deformed in a sense is pretty awesome. Mutated vampires are not really a new thing but I’ve never heard of one with only one fang until this series. Somehow, the fact that there is only one puncture mark is even more disturbing than usual. These vampires are the mistakes of the vampire world, they have barely any powers and though they thirst for blood, have very little ability to create other vampires. A vampire without the power to grant immortality is a being without purpose, a lonely, pitiful creature but still has the ability to kill and destroy lives.
  • Volkaanes. This takes the traditional vampire adversary to a whole new level. Usually, the immortal enemies of vampires are werewolves or vampire hunters but Volkaanes are vampire hunters with a blue fire that not only heats their bodies but is used to fill vampires and suck their life-force out of them, causing them to collapse into a pile of dust. Like the one-fanged vampire this is creative and just different enough to make it exciting and draw the reader in, wanting to know more about these anomalies.
  • Rave is a member of the elusive yet infamous Mastens. The Mastens are a group of red-skinned people whom many speculate about with wild tales of human sacrifice, cults, and haunting noises that seem to shake the foundation of the earth. They abhor technology and it is said that their kisses kill. The Mastens are a cover for the Volkaanes and yes, their kisses do kill. Rave is sexy, loving, devoted, and funny. Although he’s stalkerish in an Edward Cullen way, his willingness to help Leesa and to research all options for them to be together, is enough for you to fall in love with his character.


  • Mild rant coming, if you’d rather not hear the rage skip this. On the subject of virginity; there’s a point in a book, this may happen often or rarely really it depends on the person, when you read something, could be a single sentence, could be a theme, or scene, whatever, when you are tempted to put down the book and move on with your life. My moment has everything to do with how virginity is dealt with by the main character. She talks about being a virgin like it’s no big deal, which is a little odd, but what she says is so callous that it is completely at odds with her character. She says something along the lines of, I’m a virgin, I have a limp, but I’m sure I could find someone to do me. Whaaaaa…someone to “do” me?! I was shocked by this blatant, vulgar attitude towards her future sexual experience. Literally mouth agape, reread the sentence, face palm. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, I understand that some girls don’t attach significance to their virginity but her character is the epitome of the girl who is an in-between person, she’s not quite nerdy, not quite hot, not quite popular, she wants to fall in love but rejects all peer pressure from her friends to dress like a slut and yet, having sex is NBD? It just doesn’t make sense.
  • The ending. One of the greatest disappointments when reading a book, is when you get to the end and suddenly, a random magical element is thrown in and everything is miraculously fixed. There’s a technical name for this but I’m blanking right now. While a happy ending is always nice, it doesn’t have to be easy. The struggle is half the battle to perfect happiness.
  • Weird word choice. It almost feels like the author meant another word that would fit better and that is close to the word chosen but simply used the incorrect one. Like ignition instead of initiative.
  • The vampire coven wasn’t scary.
  • Leesa is a wishy-washy character. Her exhilaration at her first kiss, at holding hands, is adorable. Her devotion to her brother is admirable and that she is willing to sacrifice herself for her brother is wonderfully brave. However, she is often outshined by her best friends, whose characters are far more vibrant, and have many interesting qualities, where it seems like the only thing Leesa likes is walking and Rave.

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As you guys know, I’m a graduate student working on my MA. School started on Monday and already I am swamped with massive amounts of reading and research trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to write my thesis on because believe it or not the MA program is ridiculously fast. Because school, even in the first couple days, is so hectic, I’m trying to find a way to set aside time for blogging. It will be hard but I’ll definitely try by best. So, I figured by writing a mid weekly post, you guys can learn a little more about me, see what reviews are pending, and who knows what other random book related news I’ll find to throw in.


On that note, yesterday, I was nominated by the lovely girls over at Book Gossips for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ve accepted and as an acceptor there are several things I need to do.  If you’re interested in accepting and I nominated you, here’s what you do:

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