Bout of Books Read-A-Thon 8.0: Day 3

Monday 8/19:

Books Read: The Poison Eaters and Other Stories-Holly Black; The Girl with the Mermaid Hair-Delia Ephron

Number of Pages Read:

The Poison Eaters (212) + the first half of The Girl with the Mermaid Hair (156) =368 pages total

Tuesday 8/20:

Books Read: The Girl with the Mermaid Hair-Delia Ephron; Crash-Nicole Williams

Number of Pages Read:

The last half of The Girl with the Mermaid Hair (156) + Crash (215)= 371 pages total

Wednesday 8/21

Books Read: The Name of the Star-Maureen Johnson

Number of Pages Read:

The Name of the Star= 370 pages total

Number of Books Completed:


Number of Pages Read So Far:

(212) + (312) + (215) + (370) = 1109 pages total


Poison Eaters Review

The Girl with the Mermaid Hair Review

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Review: The Girl with the Mermaid Hair-Delia Ephron

1/5 Stars

The Girl with the Mermaid Hair-Delia Ephron


Plot: Sukie is a fifteen year old gorgeous girl with mermaid hair. In high school that’s got to count for something right? Sukie isn’t popular and she doesn’t have many friends, she’s always taking selfies to make sure she looks PERFECT. When Sukie meets Bobo, the quarterback from a local high school, who’s hot and seems interested in her, she becomes even more self-conscious about how she looks. When Sukie’s mom gives her her grandmother’s mirror, Sukie is convinced that she is able to transport herself, and that it will show her her greatest hopes and dreams. Meanwhile, in her world outside the mirror, everything is falling apart. Her mom and dad are strangers, her friends are really acquaintances, and she uncovers the truth about herself-that she’s not interesting at all but completely “beige”. This is Sukie’s journey into self discovery and breaking free from conformity to add color to her very normal, bland life.


  • The cover is unique.
  • The family’s reliance on the dog for serious answers to their big life questions was somewhat endearing.
  • Frannie was a wallflower, unique, confident, artistic, and strong. After suffering through the death of her father she carries on and lives her life without caring about judgement from anyone.


  • This cover is a beautifully crafted lie. On the cover is a girl that exudes confidence, she’s fiery, she’s whimsical, and she’s got great hair, fairytale style princess hair that all girls envy. But what’s hidden beneath the cover is nothing even remotely close to that girl in the bright colors. Well, except for the hair.
  • Sukie is the most obnoxiously self-obsessed, yet borderline needs psychiatric help for her insecurities, high school girl I’ve ever read about or even met in real life. She is consumed by her image in the mirror. She’s completely neurotic about it to the point where she starts speaking to the mirror, hallucinating, and asking it questions about her appearance like the deranged Queen in Snow White. For most of the book I hoped Sukie was insane, that she was riddled with neuroses like her mother but no, she just lacks substance. She is so focused on her image and her outer presentation to her peers that she never developed into a full person, she’s simply the shell of one with a pretty face. She doesn’t know what she likes, or even if she has any interests. Even her crazed mother calls her out on it, at one point saying that she would probably start golf now instead of the tennis she’d been devoted to for years because she’s a copycat and her father decided to switch. While Sukie participates in many social and academic, school-related things she is the one whose presence no one remembers because she’s not really part of anything, except that she’s physically there. Her selfies made me cringe. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There were times that I very nearly felt bad for her and then she’d go off on some idiotic, fantasy fueled rant about some guy who paid her attention for 5 seconds.
  • For the majority of this book, I was OCD about checking how many pages and chapters were left, every couple minutes, I’d check and sigh from utter disappointment. If I wasn’t reading this for Bout of Books, I honestly probably would have stopped. What sucked me in was the preface. Oh, shamelessly deceitful preface. The preface is about dogs knowing when disaster is going to strike. Here I was waiting for someone to be murdered or abducted or something, hell even an earthquake but it NEVER came. Bored to tears, almost quite literally.
  • Got to the point where I loathed the protagonist so much that I was rooting for her failure.
  • The plot is stunted, slow, there’s no climax really, and nothing exciting happens. It was dull and could have went on forever in a sort of slow tortuous everyday life with no drive sort of way.
  • The love interest’s name is Bobo.

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