15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4

Hello everyone and welcome back to the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge. I, once again, am slacking on getting posts out and I’m so disappointed in myself, which believe it or not is a good thing. I’ve found that the more upset I get with myself the harder I try to fix whatever is bothering me, hopefully from this point on posts will be more regular. Honestly, there’s been so much going on over here that in order to catch up on my TBReviewed posts I would have had to forfeit sleep for days. But back to the point… for day four of April’s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge over at her blog Good Books and Good Wine, the prompt has to do with book flinging.


There are often times when I’m reading that, for whatever reason, I get so emotionally involved that any little thing can set me off, and I have a book bashing temper tantrum much like a toddler. Books will be thrown into walls, stomped on, and flung across the room with abandon. Yes, this is book abuse, and yeah, I do feel the teensiest bit guilty.

My hand is feeling a little twitchy at this moment just thinking about those unlucky paperbacks.  AND NO NOT IN THE 50 SHADES WAY. I’m currently reading The Eternity Cure, this is my second attempt. Don’t get me wrong, I love Julie Kagawa-when she does faeries. But this vampire, zombie, angsty whine fest gets to me. Right now it’s borderline book flinging time only 50 pages in. However, this post is about the last book I flung across the room, I can’t remember the order but I have 2 very distinct memories of severe book tossing times.

First: Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall. 


Never, in my 23 years of life have I ever wanted to torch a book and gleefully toast marshmallows over it like I wanted to with this book. Ever since Fahrenheit 451 book burning has quite literally been the subject of too many nightmares. Given the chance, I would stab, slash, tear out every single page of this book, then rip it into tiny little pieces, cover it in lighter fluid and torch this sucker, after flinging it around like confetti of course. When I think of the number one book on my YA hate list this is it. Usually, I shy away from book hatred, strong dislike, sure, disappointment, hell yes, hate, probably one in 1000. It’s been a while since I read Before I Fall but the ghost of my hatred still haunts me, even thinking about it brings on the rage. Why? Yes, I am aware that many a YA reader loves this book, yes, it may be the favorite book of many YA readers but the incessant whiny, my life sucks why did I have to make such stupid choices, poor me thing was just too much for me. I loathed every character and if I would have met them in real life…I have no words. I know this seems harsh, and yes, uncalled for maybe but something about the story, the writing style, everything just irks me to the point of violence.

Second: Addison Moore’s Celestra series*


TOXIC Part One

Toxic Part 2 Final

If you’re a fan of being teased, taunted, and tormented by sizzling romance, fiery sexual chemistry, and/or just steamy writing in general definitely check this out. I cannot count how many times I’ve complained about the endings in this series. EVERY SINGLE BOOK I’d get so mad at the constant cliff hangers. THANK THE WRITING GODS that Addison is a speedy writer because I probably would have had a total melt down. For those of you who haven’t made if far in the series or finished it SPOILER!!! The scene where Logan and Skyla got impaled by the spirit sword or whatever, with Gage watching on, and Skyla feeling so betrayed…I nearly died. I thought no, this can’t be how it ends, and even though Gage is my favorite character I wanted to murder him…slowly. I’ve been on hours long rants about these books and why Addison always leaves her readers hanging in the most infuriating ways. There was even a point when I thought I hated her for the sheer torture of waiting. Alas, that makes great writing. I endeavour to be just as crazy awesome one day. After the aforementioned scene I did throw my book. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series these are only e-books (although they will be printed sometime soon or so I’ve heard). Yes, indeed, I did throw my Kindle and thankfully it landed on the bed because hell would freeze over before I hurt my Kindle.

Both good and bad books sometimes warrant a toss in the air once in a while. These were my most recently flung books, what are yours?

Happy reading,


*Actually anything Addison Moore writes.

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