15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3

Hey, sorry my post is a day behind schedule, yesterday was very eventful. My little sister had to be rushed to the ER for an allergic reaction and most of my day was spent in triage. On the plus side, my sister’s doctor was Russian and I got to brush up in my Russian speaking skills.


For day 3 of Good Books and Good Wine‘s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge the prompt deals with blogger BFFs.Well, here’s the thing, I’ve just recently become more dedicated to my blog. Every down time moment in grad school is spent on catching up on my YA reading that I’ve so desperately missed. I know, it sounds crazy that after all the reading I’m constantly doing for my graduate classes that I’d want to read more but hey, once a reading addict, there’s no coming back from it, not that any of us would want to right?


So, I haven’t really made any blogging friends and it makes me have all sorts of feels. Racking my brain over the past couple hours I can only think of one person so far that I’ve made a connection with, someone who often comments on my posts and chats with me about whatever. That person is Maryana over at Reading and Living. We talk about Russian and reviews and it’s been really cool learning a bit about her. Check out her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Well, now that I’ve discussed my lack of blogger friends 😦 if you’d like to become blogger BFFs please don’t be shy. I love talking books and pretty much anything else.


Day 4 tomorrow. Don’t forget if you want to join in pingback April’s blog at Good Books and Good Wine. Doesn’t matter if you start today or next month.

Happy blogging,


Review: Rise- Anna Carey

3/5 Stars

Rise (Eve, #3)- Anna Carey


The first quote is spoilery so skip it if you’d like.

I knew this was my doing-he was hurting because of me. Now, in the midst of it, I felt like I was shrinking into nothingness. I’d gone into his suite and poisoned his medication while he waited outside the door, thinking I was sick. Here, like this, he was just the man who loved my mother. Who’d found me, after all this time, to tell me that.



I didn’t want to lose her. I didn’t want to lose the possibility of what she would be, of what I could be for her. I couldn’t now. Every time I pushed the idea out of my head it returned, until I found myself sitting on the windowsill, the T-shirt in my hands. I pressed the thin fabric to my face, trying to control my breath, but each one caught somewhere inside me. I stayed there like that, in the quiet of the room, for hours, barely able to force his name past my lips: “Caleb.”


After the death of her first and only love, Caleb, Eve spirals downwards into a whirlwind of melancholy, revenge, and hatred for her father. More than ever, Eve wants to escape her new life as a princess where she is married to Charles, whom although is a kind man, she is repulsed by the thought of physically being with someone other than Caleb, and where he father can control her every action. Eve knows her father is an evil man and as the rebellion in the Outlands heats up, her patience runs out. She knows she’ll have to do something dramatic and potentially deadly to help the rebels. Working with Moss and the colonies, Eve comes up with a plan to take back government control from her father. After a series of plans that come to fruitation, Eve flees the palace with Clara but still she is not safe as long as her father is alive. Hunted by soldiers, in a war zone of rebellion, Eve must make a decision, to risk everything, her life, and those of her friends for a better future or to turn herself in as a traitor.


  • After waiting for something exciting to happen for the entire book, the last page simultaneously shocked and filled me with regret. Do yourself a favor and don’t skip to the end. This was also the best part of the story. Unless you want to ruin the rest of the book for yourself RESIST THE URGE!
  • Eve is so tragically broken by her loss but she rises above her grief and makes impossible decisions for the good of the country no matter how they break her heart. She risks not only her life but any one she’s associated with in the palace as she is marked as a traitor and rebel. She’s incredibly brave, daring, and takes initiative in dire situations.


  • The secondary characters are so mediocre that it’s nearly impossible to form any attachment to them whatsoever, whether it be good or bad.
  • A few minor typos.
  • The plot was fairly predictable and stunted. After each new ‘climax’ or ‘plot twist’ I was a little more disappointed. The whole book lacked the wow factor that takes a good book from average to unforgettable. As the last book in the series I was so underwhelmed.

If you liked any of the following books you’d probably enjoy this:




Happy reading! Check back tomorrow for Book Blogger Challenge Day 3 and A Touch Morbid review.


15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 2

Status update: Just finished reading Rise by Anna Carey, the final installment in the Eve Trilogy. Review will be out later today. Currently reading A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford and LOVING it.

The prompt for today’s challenge is What’s your bedtime reading ritual?

If I’m really into a book, I will read until my eyes threaten to pop out, until they severely burn from starring at the little black (sometimes red) letters for so long that they blur into a hazy mess of ink. Yeah, I’m that dedicated. Sleep deprivation, insomnia by choice, pots of coffee, and/or a bowl of popcorn; nothing will stop me from finishing. But to be honest, most nights aren’t life or death, I must finish this book or I will spontaneously combust, sleep be damned. No, most nights are much less dramatic and a lot more casual.

On the average night, I grab my iced coffee, cradle it to my chest for perfect sipping range and lean against the wall, Indian style, book in hand, every couple seconds shifting my coffee to the crook of my arm so that I can flip the pages. Usually I will switch positions several times to get comfortable, on my stomach, on my side, legs up against the wall. I don’t ever really plan on sleeping anytime soon once I get situated with my book. There’s just something so comforting, so cozy about lounging in bed with a good book, strong coffee, and a warm blanket. For me, a book without coffee is like a cupcake without icing. My bedtime, daytime, whenever time book reading ritual will always include a cup of joe, hot, iced, doesn’t matter. A couple hours later, coffee gone, book at least half finished, I tuck the book under my pillow, and finally get to sleep.


What are your rituals?