Review: Sanctify- Colee Firman NEW COVER RELEASE!

Colee Firman asked me to release the reworking of the Sanctify cover book 2 in the Unbinding Fate series. So, here it is and here is my old review. Hope you guys enjoy!

4/5 Stars

Sanctify (Unbinding Fate, #2)- Colee Firman

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“What are you thinking?” “That when we get back to Tremain, even if you pick him…” He touched her cheeks with his fingertips and kissed her softly. “I’m always gonna feel like you’re mine.”

Plot: Picking up where the story left off, Addison, Tanner, Jax, and Juliet have been transported from Earth(Tremain) to the layer beneath which is known as Greystone. Addison wakes up in a strange palace with no idea where she is or what happened to Tanner and her companions. She is greeted by an adorable little girl who tells her she is at the Shepherd’s palace and that she is her Keeper. Addy notices the Akori symbols on her arms and is puzzled. After the destruction of the Overseer’s stone and the death of Eva and Andrew, Addy and Tanner inherited their power. Since waking, Addy has developed a strong urge to constantly touch and be near Tanner that is borderline stalker and unbelievably creepy. Unfortunately Tanner is in a sleep coma as he waits for Andrew’s powers to possess him because of his earlier torture and abuse. Juliet arrives at the door and tells Addy that Jax was forced to go to Ravensbog, which is basically a large, decrepit city full of unclaimed Akori where the only way to advance in society is through dangerous fight to the death matches in the pit. Addy and Juliet race to the rescue, when they find Jax he is near death, beaten and bleeding. Addy makes a deal and climbs in the pit. They work together to win the battle and for the first time Addy understands just how strong she’s become. No longer is she a simple, weak human but she can manipulate her surroundings to do what she wants with the wave of her hand, and use telekinesis to throw boulders at her enemies. In order to claim Jax, because he is not actually blood related to Addy, she would have to claim him as her lover. This of course, is not an option because she loves Gage. As the Shepherdess, she is the ultimate authority in Greystone, the Assemble (the seven seat governing system) is really just for show while the Shepherds are not in Greystone. Addy tosses around her supremacy and makes threats so that Jax is allowed to stay in the palace. Nearly every night Addy wakes up to gushing blood from her nose and a destroyed room. This is her power manifesting while she sleeps. Jax slips into her room every night and takes care of her. When Tanner finally wakes, the urge is even stronger and Addy doesn’t know where her feelings lie. Her whole aim has been to return to Tremain to be with Gage but she is starting to love the people of Greystone and Ravensbog, she love’s her ability to make change and lead. Nevertheless, Tanner and Addy wish to reunite the Akori at Tremain with their loved ones in Greystone and in order to do so, must build a gate between worlds. As Eva’s power becomes part of her Addy doesn’t know who she is or what she wants anymore. She struggles to find a way to balance her feelings and do what’s best for everyone. The Mensen are still out there and the dangers in Tremain are something Addy must destroy before returning to Greystone.


  • The depiction of child abuse and the rage at the injustice is heartbreaking.
  • The love triangle, sexual tension, make out scenes, and expressions of love were raw, honest, and bittersweet at times.
  • Funny. The comic relief and playful banter between Tanner and Addy is adorable, creative, and just all around happy.
  • Jax. He’s broody, he’s angry, he’s sexy, but also a caring, passionate person beneath his hard exterior. What’s not to love?
  • Addy is inspiring. She always fights for what she believes in literally with brute force, and through words. Her development throughout this book is wonderful to follow as she matures into a determined, powerful young woman.
  • There are several big reveals, secrets, and all around shocking twists.
  • The evil is sickening. The torture and abuse of Akori simply to gain power with no regard for life or pain is equal parts devastating and infuriating.
  • Addy’s change is not seen as a loss of self but as an embrace of her new beliefs.
  • Even though these are supernatural beings they feel like the average person and are very easy to identify with.
  • The descriptions of Greystone and Ravensbog are dazzling and very detailed.


  • The ending. Oh my god, the ending.

If you like love stories, mysteries, magic, or anything like that definitely check this book out, it’s fabulous.