Review: The Elite-Kiera Cass

4/5 Stars

The Elite(The Selection, #2)- Kiera Cass


Then I kissed the tips of each of his fingers. He slid that hand deep into my hair and pulled my lips to his.

I had missed these kisses, so quiet, so sure. I knew that, in my whole life, if I married Aspen or someone else, no one would ever make me feel this way. It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world. It wasn’t some explosion; it wasn’t fireworks. It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out.

I devoured this book. I think I set my personal best time record plowing through the sheer awesomeness of this sequel. America’s story is one fueled by insatiable passion and hope and The Elite fans the flames ignited by The Selection. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about this book after falling hard for The Selection, I didn’t think a sequel could compete but The Elite is just as enchanting and I’d venture to say even more addictive.

The Elite continues right where The Selection left off with 6 girls(the Elite) more eager than ever to capture Prince Maxon’s heart or in some cases, his crown. As the tension mounts and the time winds down, the girls are inspected with even sharper scrutiny. One step out of line and elimination is imminent. But as the uprisings between the violent Southerners and the pesky yet pacifist Northerners heat up, there’s even more political uncertainty at the palace. Maxon is weighed down by responsibility and time is against him as he tries to balance his time between girls. The relations between New Asia are dire and Maxon is pressured to follow his father’s orders. Meanwhile, the Elite are given political reports and diplomatic tasks every Friday, pitting them against each other as each girl struggles to pass these tests or face elimination. With more at stake than ever, America is forced to look deep within herself to figure out where her heart lies and if her love for the country (and maybe Maxon) is enough to sway her insecurities about whether or not she’s cut out to be a princess. Aspen stakes his claim and Maxon has his eyes on another girl, America doesn’t know who to trust or if she can trust her own heart to lead her in the right direction. America is granted a glimpse into the evils of the law and her thirst for justice is an ever present reminder of who she was, who she is as a three, and who she can be satisfied with becoming.


  • America and Maxon have a natural, playful chemistry that exudes the giddy, wonderful feeling of first love. Their teasing banter will leave you with infectious smiles and blissful happiness at how right they seem for one another.
  • Aspen and America’s love is fiery, a blur of heated embraces and clandestine meetings. The danger of being caught is all part of what leaved the reader torn. The only problem with having two charming, gorgeous love interests is knowing that one will end up brokenhearted.
  • The secret history that the country was built on is revealed and the infrastructure is laid out in depth. Lies, intrigue, and shocking truths leave one questioning who to side with and whether or not the rebels have cause for their actions.
  • Issues such as abuse and violent punishment are explored.
  • America is even more determined and passionate than in The Selection, she stands up for her beliefs and advocates justice at all costs for the downtrodden and less fortunate castes.


  • Several times within the book America is infuriatingly childish and reckless. She flip flops between Maxon and Aspen over and over again because one annoyed her more than the other. Her feelings are entirely based on whim and subject to change at the drop of the hat. This is more than just confusion, it’s immature and frankly her least redeeming and unlikeable quality.
  • The other members of the Elite don’t have as a great a role as they did in the first book and I felt myself yearning for more sinister plots and cat fights. It felt like some of the girls had no role at all and were just there for sake of the number. Celeste is nowhere near as evil as she was and is now more of a spoiled princess than a threat. There’s no real competition and it feels like they just gave up and are basking in the comforts of palace life.

Overall, The Elite was an enjoyable, fun read. If you liked any of the following books you might like this:




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6 thoughts on “Review: The Elite-Kiera Cass

  1. I loved this book but I agree with you–the one problem I had with it was her back and forth between Maxon and Aspen, and then getting mad when Maxon goes on dates with the other girls. At least he was honest about it–she was sneaking around behind his back!


  2. i really enjoyed your review – i think that we share a lot of the same opinions on this story about what’s good and what was bad. i DEFINITELY agree on your POV on how America was a bit more childish in certain circumstances and i can’t wait to see what we learn in The One about the history of the country and what all the attacks are about.

    i look forward to reading others that you post about – thanks again!


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