Review: Period 8-Chris Crutcher

2.5/5 Stars

Period 8-Chris Crutcher



“This might sound a little crude…”
Hannah rolls her eyes.
“…but guys’re hard-wired, man. Look at dogs. You don’t see some female dog breaking her chain and scaling a six-foot fence to get to a dude dog. But a Great Dane will ride across the river on the back of a dog-eatin’ alligator to rub up against a Chihuahua in heat knowin’ you can’t put tab A into slot B. We do that shit ’cause there’s no choice. You never catch me saying ‘The devil made me do it.’ Darwin made me do it.”


Period 8 is a sort of Breakfast Club in modern times. A bunch of kids from all areas of the high school social food chain come together during Period 8 to talk out problems in a group therapy session with their teacher Logs. All types of crazy issues and suspicions are raised in Period 8 but the main one is about Mary Wells. Mary aka Virgin Mary has been a devote member of Period 8 for years and borderline Merit Scholar destined for the Ivys. When Mary stops showing up for meetings and skipping class the group members know something is up. When Mary’s father reports her as a missing person they’re all thrown for a loop and suspect something dark and sinister is at foot. Meanwhile, Paulie, triathlete and extremely popular is on the outs with his girlfriend Hannah, whom he cheated on with a mystery girl. As the tension mounts and there are more questions than answers, Mary reappears and lascivious secrets are unveiled. Just who is Mary Wells and what dangers does she pose to the rest of Period 8? There are forces of corruption and blackmail lurking behind lies and intrigue plus a little sociopathic fun. Will the Period 8 gang survive when the secrets are revealed?


  • The ending was shocking. There were some tiny clues but as the story panned out there was a definite twist.
  • Mary Wells is conflicted. The victim of two warring lives she is a jaded princess slave to her father’s bidding and expectations. Her story is one of broken youth and false promises.


  • Apart from Mary, the characters are underdeveloped, boring and hard to root for because they’re just so typical.
  • The plot was stunted and slow. The story was a series of half hearted high school drama and sappy regret that came off as more annoying than authentic.
  • The love story(if you could call it that) was a cliched mess of stupid mistakes and undeserved forgiveness.

Between the slow plot and less than creative characters it was hard to push through to the end. If it wasn’t for the mystery of Mary, I would have given up after the first 20 pages.

If you like somewhat realistic fiction with dark themes like drugs, scandal, and prostitution, then you would likely enjoy this.


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