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Review: iBoy- Kevin Brooks

3/5 Stars

iBoy- Kevin Brooks


“It was ages ago, you must have been about six or seven…the two of you were sitting on the floor in the front room, playing with some LEGOs or something, and she just turned to you and said, ‘Will you marry me when I’m older?'”

Really? What did I say?”

Gram thought about it for a minute, then smiled again. “I don’t think you said anything. I think you just started crying.”

I laughed. “Yeah, that sounds like me. I always was pretty slick with the ladies.”

This book deals with such topics as gang rape, murder, violence, drugs, sex trafficking, and other gang related activities. If any of these topics make you uncomfortable, I’d highly recommend avoiding this book. 

My issue with Kevin Brooks’ books as far back as I can remember is that they breaches hard to talk about subjects that are extremely relevent to our society, subjects that are important to talk about to increase awareness and promote safety and yet, every single Kevin Brooks book I’ve read seems resolved to group these issues in an unsolvable-these things just happen and there’s so much of it going on that there’s nothing that can be done about it-category. This infuriates me. If you’re going to write about gang rape and sex trafficking-despite including a science fiction aspect was very portrayed very realistically-please include some hope. I understand that reality is a harsh, sometimes unforgiving and unbelievably tragic thing but good grief. Things like “They fucking destroyed me,” when talking about the after effects of gang rape kill me, and I get that in gang culture the violence and threats on top of the fear often prevent any real change or justice from happening but seriously this was the most depressing book I’ve read in a long time. Even with superpowers nothing can help these people, I just have no words for how horribly hopeless and depressed I felt after reading this, I can’t imagine how someone who has experienced similar things might feel.


Tom Harvey was walking down the street one day thinking of mundane things like what the girl he’s been in love with for years wants to talk to him about at 4 o-clock, when someone calls his name and an iPhone 3GS smacks him in the head. Tom wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma for over 2 weeks and learns that the iPhone shattered in his skull and that the surgeons couldn’t remove all the pieces. With a wicked, jagged scar, half his head shaved, and a head full of metal, Tom starts to feel weird. The police ask him questions about his accident and information like from a search engine automatically pops into his head. That’s when Tom realizes that he now has the power of the iPhone linked to his brain. This is how he learns that Lucy-the girl he was on his way to see before his attack-had been gang raped, her brother was severely beaten, and that the people who were responsible for the rape were still at large. Tom and Lucy live in Crow Towers, home of a notorious gang. The story follows the actions of the Crow gang members, the birth of iBoy, Tom’s alter ego who uses his new superpowers to get vigilante style justice on the gang members who raped Lucy, and the recovery of both Lucy and Tom as they try to reestablish a normal life after all they’d been through.


  • The science fiction element was really cool. An iPhone embedding in someones skull and fusing with their brain is fascinating. Because the brain has such a powerful capacity already and mix it with Apple technology, all of Tom’s superpowers really paid homage to the iPhone itself. And to think all of his skills, like electric shock, explosions, making phone calls, screen shot-ing from his eyes, were from a 3GS model.
  • The random facts, quotes, and statistics were really interesting and fun little tidbits of knowledge that were very useful to understand Tom’s crime solving process and emotions.
  • Explores the loss of emotions when the line between what is considered right and wrong blurs.


  • (See above rant)
  • Some of the humor was misplaced and so awkward. How do you laugh about things like a hit and run when your friend might potentially be knifed?!