Review: The Heist Society- Ally Carter

4/5 Stars

The Heist Society(The Heist Society, #1)- Ally Carter


Thieves aren’t supposed to want too much-which is ironic, but true. Never live anyplace you can’t walk away from. Never own anything you can’t leave behind. These were the laws of Kat’s life-of Kat’s world. As she watched her father sip hot coffee and sneak smiles at her over the top of the cup, she knew that, strictly speaking, no thief is ever supposed to love anything as much as she loved him.

Plot: After years of learning the art of pickpocketing, lying, and techniques to rival the CIA when it comes to a good old-fashioned B&E or lifting priceless paintings from famed impenetrable fortresses with state of the art technology, all Katerina (Kat) Bishop wants is to be normal. For three months she gets her wish, attending the prestigious Colgan school and passing as an average, attractive, yet mysterious teenager. Kat is happy that she doesn’t have to think and she finally gets to relax, everything is going just as she planned until someone frames her for a school prank. When the headmaster’s mint condition Porsche ends up perched on top of the school fountain, Kat has to face the honor board, and some very incriminating evidence. For once in her life, Kat is telling the truth though everyone thinks she’s lying. Kat is expelled from school, and her chance at normalcy vanishes as quickly as the view of the school in her rearview mirror. Kat is whisked away in a limo by her very sexy friend Hale, and reunited with some family members. Kat comes from a family of the best thieves in the world, but she wants nothing more than to pack her bags and get back to school, away from the lifestyle. When Kat learns that her father has been framed much like she was, for a heist he couldn’t have participated in, and that the notorious mobster-like Arturo is after him, Kat puts her life on the line to save her father. Teaming up with Hale, her prissy cousin Gabrielle, and some other unlikely criminal masterminds, Kat will attempt to accomplish the impossible, robbing the highest security museum in the world, retrieving Arturo’s missing paintings, and granting her father a clean slate but will she be able to get the paintings, save her father, and escape scot-free? You’ll just have to read and see. 🙂


  • Kat is a crafty, inventive, understated, gorgeous, witty, sarcastic powerhouse of a character. She is very Sherlock Holmes in with her sleuthing skills, and ingenious with her catchy names for robbing methods. The smallest details were fun, and just unbelievably quirky. Kat is so likable and easy to identify and sympathize with. Her confusion over boys, and internal struggle between who she is, and who she wants to be feels so genuine.
  • The writing style is simple, to the point, and flows smoothly.
  • Playful banter, cheeky comments, hilarious lines, and flirty dialogue flowed throughout.
  • The whole story was lighthearted and just a feel good book despite the threat of her father’s death, Kat was so passionately determined that there was little doubt that whatever Kat set her mind to she would succeed.
  • Hale and Nick. Both love interests have their own positive qualities and easily swoon worthy.
  • If you know nothing about spy technology don’t worry! You’ll learn and be amazed by the sheer information and how it is applied to make the story feel authentic.
  • The depictions of various countries and the use of Russian heritage was very interesting.


  • There weren’t really any cons it just didn’t have the special something that takes a book to 5 star level.

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