Review: A Touch Mortal- Leah Clifford

3.5/5 Stars

A Touch Mortal (A Touch Trilogy, #1)- Leah Clifford 


When he flexed them out, all fourteen feet of the atrocious things spanned the room. Joints at odd angles, so they folded in like a pterodactyl, feathers layered across the skin. Nothing about them was beautiful. They were a punishment.

“You’re telling me you rob graves?” “Nine times out of ten, the dead wear designer, and I’m on a budget.” She rolled her eyes at Eden’s hanging jaw. “Oh, honestly. I wash them.”

Plot: Eden is suicidal. Her parents ignore her, she has no friends, she lives in a tourist town, and figures because she feels dead inside, death itself would be a step up. She is on the beach contemplating suicide when she notices two boys headed her way. An attractive guy with amazing eyes comes on to her with a horrible pickup line and she tells him to f off. He makes a deal that if she laughs she’ll go out to dinner with him. Thus begins the love story of Eden and Az. Here’s the catch, Az is borderline fallen, he committed a crime and was cursed to bear horrible wings like in the above quote and Gabriel is a Messenger for the Upstairs aka Heaven. Gabriel is able to check a person’s life path and when he glimpses Eden’s he is alarmed to find that her path is a dead-end. This is a sign that she will inevitably commit suicide. Az has had some trouble in the past with an enemy named Luke. Luke gets really angry when Az is happy so he abducts Az’s mortal lovers, tortures them, hacks off limbs, and sends the pieces to Az in the mail. In order to protect Eden and because if she hadn’t met Az she would’ve committed suicide by now anyways, Az fakes his own death. Eden dies but comes back as a Sider. A Sider is someone who killed themselves but wakes on Earth in a sort of undead purgatory. Eden still looks the same even though she is dead and her body is rotting because she has a glamour. Siders also have Touch. Touch is a form of energy that the Sider needs to pass on to people. Eden finds out that the Fallen are after her and she must keep a low profile to keep safe. Meanwhile, she has a unique power to kill other Siders.


  • Eden is snarky, sarcastic, and borderline anti-social. Her punk rock goth princess fashion is edgy and a welcome change from the typical jeans/tee combo of many YA books as of late. 
  • Gabriel. Gabriel’s sexual orientation and the religious association could potentially be controversial. A gay angel? However unexpected and strange this seems, the argument for love and acceptance is strong.
  • Luke, Gabriel, Az, Adam, and Jarrod. A variety of attractive, interesting male characters.
  • Suiciders(Siders). It’s puzzling that prior to Kirsten’s death that Siders didn’t return to Earth nor is there any discourse on whether they went Upstairs or Downstairs. Because they committed suicide, Earth is a sort of purgatory where they’re like zombies but have a glamour. They also have to pass the touch to people. Touch is like emotional energy as far as I can tell, that is passed to humans and influences their behavior. If someone is really happy this will result in partying all night, if someone is depressed, this can result in suicide. This placement on Earth is viewed both positively and negatively.
  • Funny, flirty, and so much drama.


  • The female characters. They’re all described in general stereotypes: Madeline-Bitch, Libby-Prom Queen, Eden-Emo, Kirsten-Spoiled Girly Girl who has a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get what she wants . Personally, I would have liked to see more of Madeline, she had spunk. And every single one of these girls is deceitful. 
  • Why were Eden and Libby so special? I think I know why but this should have been clarified.
  • Every other word is “fuck” was that really necessary?

If you like 9462812Until-I-DieDie-For-Her-Impulse-des111485807belovedpurgatoryfinalset0011 you would probably like this.


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