Review: Ignite- Kaitlyn Davis

3.5/5 Stars

Ignite (Midnight Fire, #1)- Kaitlyn Davis 


Reliving a near death experience required chocolate, especially when someone just said you looked like a dead fish in the arms of a god. 

Plot: Kira thought she was a typical teenage girl except for her freaky green with red and yellow flecked eyes. Up until this semester, she’d attended a private school in NYC. When she is forced to return to North Carolina for her senior year because of financial hardship, she is faced with being the new girl in a small, close-knit community and worries about being a social pariah. On the first day of school while frantically searching through the maze of hallways for her home room, she is rescued by a tall, attractive blond named Luke. Luke is goofy, flirtatious, has the same weird eyes, but his personality is infectious and they quickly become friends. Luke introduces her to his posse and she immediately feels like she’s found her place. Like most high schools, the cafeteria is divided by cliques, Kira understands this and assimilates into her group, that is, until her eyes meet Tristan’s from across the room. His icy blue gaze, flawlessly pale skin, and amazing body held her captive. Kira has never felt so physically attracted to someone in her short 17 years. Tristan and his friends are misfits who have a creepy knack for staring at Kira like she’s a piece of meat. One day while at the beach, after just learning how to surf, fueled by an adrenaline high and pride, Kira foolishly tackles a powerful swell and gets knocked unconscious by her board. She wakes in Tristan’s arms, looks into his eyes, and her fate is sealed. Tristan and Kira start secretly dating and keep it on the DL because Tristan has a deep-rooted hatred for Luke and Kira’s interest in Tristan would seem as worse than a betrayal to Luke, it could potentially destroy their friendship. Tristan’s friends are also not happy with their romance, especially Diana. For entertainment, Diana and her crew surround Kira in the auditorium, threaten her life and attack her, hungry for blood. This is when Kira learns the truth, that Tristan and his friends are vampires. In an effort to escape the onslaught of the attack, Kira panics and feels a burning, rushing sensation like molten lava speeding through her veins and just when she thinks she can’t handle anymore heat, flames burst from her hands. This light is too much for the vampires and nearly destroys them. Luke rescues Kira once again and reveals her heritage. Kira, like Luke, is a conduit; she is able to channel the sun’s rays through her body. According to Luke, conduits, like vampires, have been around since the dawn of time. There are two factions within the conduits-the Punishers and the Protectors. The Punishers have fiery red hair, believe that vampires must be eradicated from the earth, that the conduits were created by God as avengers of the human race, and they aim to kill any vampires that threaten this balance. Protectors guard humans from vampires but do not kill because they believe vampires have souls, are redeemable, and do not have to feed off of humans. The shade of their hair indicates purity and closeness to God. Kira’s strawberry blonde hair poses the greatest threat to this system. She is an abomination, born of Punisher and Protector, a match that is forbidden because her blood, if ingested by a vampire could cause immunity to conduit powers. Kira discovers that who she thought were her parents are really adoptive and that her mother and father were slaughtered by vampires when she was a baby. As the world she once knew comes crashing down, Kira struggles to grasp her newfound identity, hone in on her powers as a conduit, and love the very being that she inherently is meant to destroy.


  • This is an interesting take on the vampire story. The history and heritage of the conduits, their warring belief systems, and their ethno-cultural survival tactics are really well thought out and inventive.
  • Luke and his friends are the perfect balance to the more dark and serious tone of the story. They have so much heart, defined personalities, and bring wonderful banter and comic relief.
  • Kira is not the stereotypical wallflower in a vampire world. She makes the story her own, has passions, friends, and strong convictions but also has flaws. She is just as confused and insecure about boys as any high school girl. Kira is relatable and someone who the average reader would grow to love and respect as a heroine.
  • The easy way Tristan and Kira love each other despite internal conflicts and external protests from their friends is beautiful and just feels so right.
  • The action scenes are graphically bloody, and the suspense throughout is certainly nerve-racking.


  • It was a little slow to start but picks up after a while. Some readers may lose interest.
  • A vampire insight on their origin would have been a good counterbalance.
  • More of Tristan and Diana’s past would have helped to understand their natures and deviations in character, especially why Diana  is so evil.

All in all, Ignite was an enjoyable read, uncomplicated, flowed smoothly, and had a similar tone as Aprilynne Pike’s Wings. If you liked Wings and are not apprehensive about vampires then give this a try. Warning: A bunch of reviews on Goodreads really slam this book as slow and boring, honestly, I really don’t know where that came from but to each their own.


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