Current Status

I know I haven’t written many reviews lately, its not that I’ve stopped reading its more that I’ve started writing nonstop. Working on my novel, attaching pieces and making sure everything flows has been so much fun, I’m in love with it! I just hope that I can finish soon before I have to make some serious life choices. I’d much rather write than go back to school but the beauty of writing is that you can do it anywhere. I was just accepted to Michigan State for English and if I can afford the tuition would move in August. Its just all so crazy, I just wanna sit at the Starbucks around the corner and write!!! Ugh. Anyways folks, the gist of this post it, I’m still reading and working on my goal. Ill get back and catch up on book reviews sometime soon. Focus now is on finishing my book.

Laters, pleasant writing and reading!



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