Review: Between-Jessica Warman

1/5 Stars


I have a policy whenever I read new books, if I get through 10% and I still hate it, I give up and move on. I figure that if you can’t keep my attention and make me love your characters and/or story line in that amount of time then I’m never going to like your book and I might as well spend my time on something that will entertain me and restore my faith in fiction.

Jessica Warman’s Between looked good, I was so excited about reading it, thought it would be something different and if not new semi-innovative for teen fiction. It was different alright but certainly not in a pleasant way. The protagonist is a spoiled, bitchy, annoying princess that makes you hate her and feel a bit of glee when you realize she’s dead (as bad and evil as that sounds its true). She meets a decent dead guy from her high school and treats him like he’s the reason for her problems and aggravation when, arguably, he is the ONLY redeeming “noun”in the book. Lol.

She’s selfish, she’s antagonistic and I can honestly say she is one of the worst protagonists I’ve ever come across. I understand what Warman’s goal must have been, she wanted a didactic story where the horrible person through death learns a lesson about life and what it means to be a decent person. In the first 10% it was predictable and I had to force myself to continue. I know it might seem unfair to simply read 10% and move on with my life but sometimes its a hit or miss and for me it was def a miss.


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