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I know I haven’t written many reviews lately, its not that I’ve stopped reading its more that I’ve started writing nonstop. Working on my novel, attaching pieces and making sure everything flows has been so much fun, I’m in love with it! I just hope that I can finish soon before I have to make some serious life choices. I’d much rather write than go back to school but the beauty of writing is that you can do it anywhere. I was just accepted to Michigan State for English and if I can afford the tuition would move in August. Its just all so crazy, I just wanna sit at the Starbucks around the corner and write!!! Ugh. Anyways folks, the gist of this post it, I’m still reading and working on my goal. Ill get back and catch up on book reviews sometime soon. Focus now is on finishing my book.

Laters, pleasant writing and reading!



Divergent by Veronica Roth was beyond amazing. I’ve heard that many have compared Divergent to The Hunger Games and loosely that does apply in a whole futuristic dystopian world separated into factions that result in death and mind warping by the government kind of way. Apart from that to me, Divergent was a merge between Stephanie Meyer’s The Host and a Russian book called We (which is sort of like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave set in a futuristic world, check it out).

Anyways here it goes: Divergent is about a girl named Beatrice who lives in a society separated into factions based on different personality traits, like Amnity, Dauntless, Erudite, etc. Beatrice, later known as Triss, never feels like she belongs in her group and when she comes of age, like the rest of the youth in the book, she is tested through a virtual simulation that narrows down her character traits. Typically from these simulations, a clear preference for one of the factions is revealed and the youth would then go to the choosing ceremony, cut their palm and drop their blood on the symbol of whichever faction they wanted to be in for the rest of their life. During the simulation, something nearly unheard of happens and a clear path is not revealed for Beatrice, this is known as divergent. Some time passes, Beatrice is warned to tell no one of her results because she will be killed by the government and she moves on to one of the factions where she goes through initiation, falls in love and saves the world (in simple terms).

If you like kid on kid carnage, wars within factions, advanced technology and manipulation, love, and a strong protagonist, then you will love this series!!!! I know I did!


Review: Between-Jessica Warman

1/5 Stars


I have a policy whenever I read new books, if I get through 10% and I still hate it, I give up and move on. I figure that if you can’t keep my attention and make me love your characters and/or story line in that amount of time then I’m never going to like your book and I might as well spend my time on something that will entertain me and restore my faith in fiction.

Jessica Warman’s Between looked good, I was so excited about reading it, thought it would be something different and if not new semi-innovative for teen fiction. It was different alright but certainly not in a pleasant way. The protagonist is a spoiled, bitchy, annoying princess that makes you hate her and feel a bit of glee when you realize she’s dead (as bad and evil as that sounds its true). She meets a decent dead guy from her high school and treats him like he’s the reason for her problems and aggravation when, arguably, he is the ONLY redeeming “noun”in the book. Lol.

She’s selfish, she’s antagonistic and I can honestly say she is one of the worst protagonists I’ve ever come across. I understand what Warman’s goal must have been, she wanted a didactic story where the horrible person through death learns a lesson about life and what it means to be a decent person. In the first 10% it was predictable and I had to force myself to continue. I know it might seem unfair to simply read 10% and move on with my life but sometimes its a hit or miss and for me it was def a miss.


Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver (Face Palm)

NEGATIVE 5000000 stars

Here’s the thing: you know when everyone and their third cousin twice removed is talking about how AMAZING a book is and everyone just oooohs and ahhs and swoons and then runs out to Barnes and Noble or Amazon one-clicks their way into the latest ‘must-read’? You can be one of two people in this dire situation: you are either like me and gag on your latte before you deign to read something so overly obsessed with (TWILIGHT) when everyone else is reading and will wait until the hype dies down before reading said book in secret OR you can be the already mentioned one-clicker. Doesn’t matter which path you chose as long as you read the book eventually. ANYWAYS, I finally got around to reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (what I should say is I finally attempted to read but lets not get too technical) and let me just say I’ve never been the type of person to hate something simply because everyone loves it, so not my style but good freaking grief Lauren Oliver you make me want to be that person! Earlier this morning I forced myself through Kindle 20% of BIF and mentally committed suicide too many times to count. Seriously one of the most obnoxious, painful reads I’ve ever encountered. The reviewers on Goodreads talked about this book as if it were all the rage, an emotional rollercoaster that would have me cryin a river and feeling guilty about any unjust behavior towards my fellow man, one reviewer even said that if you dared to dislike this book you have no heart. Well I’ll be damned, I must be the cruelest, vilest, Grinch in the world because I ABHORRED this book and might have even burned it if I owned a copy. THANK the book Gods that I rented this from the library because if I would have paid for it I might have cried more than a river. That is all.