Cover Reveal: The Rooftop Inventor by Nooce Miller

The Rooftop Inventor (The STEAMPUNK Adventures of Theodocia Hews – Book 1)
Release date: May 1, 2015
Genre: YA Steampunk Fantasy Romance 
 cooltext1889161239 copy
It’s 1879 and seventeen-year-old Theodocia Hews is out of control. Her inventor father Orin Hews tried to raise her to be a proper lady, but Theo says and does whatever she wants. Since girls aren’t supposed to be inventors, she’s secretly building her own airship up on the roof of their house. When her father is attacked and his valuable invention is stolen, she sets out in her untested airship to get her father’s contraption back. She’d better hurry. Her father’s contract with his buyer expires in three days and without it they’re ruined.
The airship lifts off but things get complicated when Theo finds an unintended passenger aboard. Henry Caracticus Thorne—the thief she’d spotted that morning making off with things in the market—is an altogether unsuitable companion. But he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met before, he’s willing to help, and he’s drop-dead gorgeous. As they soar through the sky in the close quarters of Theo’s airship, it’s not just the steam engine heating up.
Theo has a hunch who took her father’s invention. Will she manage to catch the culprit before it’s too late? What did that strange lightning storm do to Theo and Henry? And will Theo give in to her heart and act on her growing feelings for Henry?
The Adventures of Theodocia Hews is a humorous YA steampunk adventure/romance series set in 1879 Cincinnati in an alternate universe where the evil institution of slavery was abolished shortly after the United States was founded, the Civil War never happened, crazy inventions are commonplace, and steam power rules!

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Nooce Miller writes fantasy, speculative fiction, and YA steampunk. Technical writer, lawyer, marketing communications editor, medical writer, she’s held a lot of jobs, but her current gig is the one she likes best—author. Her favorite music to write to is silence because the dialogue turns out better. She’s also fond of birdsong, thunder, and the sound of the wind in the trees. She sees herself as a visually creative person, though others might disagree once they’ve been exposed to the questionable quality of her drawings, paintings, and photography. She drinks a lot of hot Earl Grey tea, usually in the company of her dog Stinky—who never partakes.
She’s lived in six different states and one foreign country. Tiring of so much moving, she undertook to persuade her husband that they should settle down and enjoy the four glorious seasons of her beloved Midwest until their two sons were grown, and lo and behold, it worked.
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Release Day Blitz & ARC Review: Everything-Melissa Pearl

Everything_Pearl_high copy

cooltext1889161239 copyJody Pritchett had a dream…but life had other plans. Instead of singing and dancing on Broadway, Jody’s a twenty-year-old single mom, living at home with her disapproving father and overbearing sister. The choice to keep her little Angelia came with a high price and although she adores her baby girl, it doesn’t take away the sting of kissing goodbye her chance at a career on the stage.

Leo Sinclair had his own dream…but got lost along the way. After a failed marriage that left him hollow and downtrodden, the Australian songwriter wonders what joy his future could possibly hold. Encouraged by the one family member who doesn’t think he’s a failure, Leo decides to stop living the life everyone expects him to and start chasing his dreams again.

When the perfect opportunity comes knocking, Leo leaves Australia behind and hops a flight to LA. With his sights set on selling a musical to a Broadway producer, Leo is determined to finally realize his life-long dream. But life gets in the way again, when he spots a young mother outside his apartment in tears. He never realized how one person, one voice, and one Angel could have him contemplating abandoning his dreams once again.

As these two burned hearts wrestle to overcome their past struggles, Leo and Jody must decide what dreams are worth clinging to…because, sometimes, everything you want is not everything you need.

cooltext1889171582 copy4/5 Stars

***I received this eARC as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author and in participation with this tour.



  • One of the most unique and compelling aspects of the Songbird series is the ability for the reader to actively participate in the story with a song list specifically designed for the book. Having read Fever and Bulletproof, Everything breathes music in a way that exceeds the first two books. The characters are theatrical, passionate, and express their emotions best through that perfect song. There’s an eclectic mix that is multiple genres with various singers that fit the tone. Adding music heightened the feelings already swirling through my thoughts as I read. Writing reviews, I hardly ever listen to music but I have Your Song on repeat as I type, it feels right.
  • Jody speaks for everyone who has ever had a dream that got put on hold by a hard hit from life. Her pain is a heady mixture of rage, regret, and sadness. Jody had beautiful goals, visions of her name up in lights, and she had the talent to achieve it. One mistake, one choice shattered her hopes for Broadway and landed her with an adorable little girl, Angel. Jody’s frustration is incredibly easy to identify with-the pressure from her family, her feelings that she’s a failure, a gigantic disappointment to her loved ones, and that she never has enough hands to deal with her child. She struggles to find footing in a world she was thrown into much too young and to give up on her dream because it’s just not feasible with a baby. If you’ve read the other books in this series, you’d remember Jody as a spitfire, bright girl with a vivaciousness that shouted from the pages, seeing her broken and grieving is heartbreaking, it cuts deep.
  • There’s a scene where Jody is singing a song from Les Miserables at the piano and crying her heart out. My heart ached for her, every ounce of her pain radiated through sharp and biting, and I almost cried right along with her. The sheer emotional power of that scene took my breath away.
  • Leo is cute. He’s not sexy or alpha male but he’s a genuinely nice person. The adoration and honesty in his eyes is enough to make any red blooded girl melt. He’s compassionate, caring, and worships Jody. Everything about her makes him inspired, his feelings explode when she’s around him. He’s playful and laid back, he always has a song in mind and he listens. He never tells Jody her dreams are out of reach. What makes Leo so swoon worthy is his encouragement and faith in Jody and their dream. His so positive he practically glows. He lights up the room with his awkward charm.
  • Leo calms Jody’s stormy emotions and Jody is Leo’s muse. They fit deliciously together, the perfect little family. Their love scenes are soft and sweet with a lot of silly flair. <3



  • Jody’s relationship with Stefan was reflected in bursts of memory and a brief encounter later in the story. While you can feel Jody’s lust and naiveté, I don’t think there were enough scenes to understand Jody’s compulsion towards Stefan and to justify her sense of loss when it was so short lived.
  • Unless you’ve read the other books in this series, you won’t be able to comprehend Jody’s animosity towards her mother and the scarring it left behind. These books, for the most part, could be read as standalones.
  • Leo’s marriage to Gerry and subsequent divorce could have been expanded upon just so that the reader could see how it fell apart and Leo’s drive to escape. Leo gets angry for a hot second and then it’s as if he shrugs it off, years of his life, I couldn’t fathom being that nonchalant about it.
cooltext1889178114 copy
Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan… not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. “Best. Year. Ever!!” She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion.
Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November 2011. Since then she has continued to produce a steady stream of books. Recently she signed with Evatopia Press and her first Evatopia book is coming out in February 2014 – True Colors, The Masks Series #1. She is very excited to be trying out new things this year while continuing to publish under her own name as well. She has six books planned for 2014 and is excited about writing each and every one of them.
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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Yours Truly-Cassie Shine

We’re thrilled to take part in the cover reveal for YOURS TRULY, book 1 in Cassie Shine’s brand new Pen Pal Series! Check out the cover below, enter the giveaway, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.


cooltext1889161239 copySixteen-year-old Laia Hawkins wonders what in the heck she’s supposed to say to Adrian Gutierrez, the name of her new pen pal—thanks to her World History teacher. How could Adrian, from Seville, Spain, possibly relate to Laia and her quiet life in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri?

But, as Adrian and Laia write to each other, friendship blossoms and secrets emerge. Laia finds comfort in Adrian’s letters confessing truths she’s kept hidden—even from those closest to her—like how lost she’s felt since her father’s death, her anxiety about graduation, and her fears about leaving her family and two best friends.

Adrian, determined to help Laia come out of her shell and face her fears, devises a series of challenges that she must complete and document in her letters to him.

And, what started as an innocent game of twenty questions becomes more.

cooltext1889178114 copy

Cassie Shine

Cassie Shine is the YA author of Harp’s Song and Harp’s Voice. An avid reader and lover of music, she has a weak spot for all things teenybopper, especially boy bands. She also loves classical, country, rock and well, pretty much everything.
After living in St. Louis for more than ten years, she and her husband packed up a U-Haul and headed west. They currently live in Orange County, CA with their furry kids Finnegan and Molly.

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Review: The Girl from the Well-Rin Chupeco


cooltext1889161239 copyYou may think me biased, being murdered myself. But my state of being has nothing to do with the curiosity toward my own species, if we can be called such. We do not go gentle, as your poet encourages, into that good night.

A dead girl walks the streets.

She hunts murderers. Child killers, much like the man who threw her body down a well three hundred years ago.

And when a strange boy bearing stranger tattoos moves into the neighborhood so, she discovers, does something else. And soon both will be drawn into the world of eerie doll rituals and dark Shinto exorcisms that will take them from American suburbia to the remote valleys and shrines of Aomori, Japan.

Because the boy has a terrifying secret – one that would just kill to get out.

The Girl from the Well is A YA Horror novel pitched as “Dexter” meets “The Grudge”, based on a well-loved Japanese ghost story.

cooltext1889171582 copy4/5 Stars

+++Contains scenes of graphic violence and alludes to child abuse. Trigger warning.

Perfect for fans of The Ring, The Grudge and spooky ghost stories that set your teeth on edge and have you sleeping with the lights on. The Girl from the Well is a haunting story of passion and vigilante vengeance.


  • The Woman in White is creepy. She walks on ceilings and hides her eyes in a cloak of dark hair. Her vengeance bleeds off the page like an open wound, the anger is vicious and sinister. The violence is detailed, graphic, and all sorts of twisted. I loved the she is not just the Woman in White but a girl scorned by a horrific past who serves as a guardian for abused children. She’s more than her legend. Nothing is black and white, she’s not pure evil, everything is a solid shade of gray. As the story progresses, she becomes more of a girl learning about herself and what she’s capable of, she rediscovers the heart she’d left down in the well with her broken body.
  • Images are consistently disturbing and vibrant. There’s a hollow, dark energy that colors the carnage, bringing it to life as if you were watching it on film.
  • The sub-stories are unique, they bring in culture and myth, adding a historical aspect to the story. Not the atypical haunting, there’s a weighty purpose and heritage that links the story pieces together seamlessly.
  • The Woman in Black is a nightmare. She’s twisted, vile, grotesque and her intentions will make your skin crawl. I don’t think I’ve ever been more terrified reading in my life. Every look, every bone-chilling moment she’s present sinks in deep and the foreboding escalates. Her back story was intriguing and unexpected, full of shock and surprises. I adored the tie-in with Japanese culture and exorcisms. 
  • If you have a doll phobia BACK AWAY SLOWLY.
  • The relationship between the Woman in White and Tark is bizarre. It’s warm and kind of weird but it works. Their connection grows as the story progresses, it transcends friendship and becomes a strange brand of love.


  • Secondary characters faded out, they didn’t have defined personalities, and in some cases weren’t memorable at all. They got lost in the dominant story arch. 
  • Callie drifted in and out of the story, she felt wishy-washy and undeveloped. I found myself searching for more of her, some distinct personality traits or likability but she read flat.

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Review: Spring Rain-Lizzy Ford


cooltext1889161239 copyA Dark soul gathering magick …

The Master of Light struggling to find his place …

The alluring Fire witchling who holds the key to helping him …

Darkness looms over the school for witchlings where the Master of Light, Beck, races to control his magic so he can protect the innocent. He struggles to balance his duty with his broken heart and to understand how to move on from what he considers his ultimate failure: his inability to save the woman he loved.

Morgan is on the run – for a good cause. The soul stone she carries could kill Beck and everyone else she cares about, if she’s caught by the Dark witchlings pursuing her. Neither Light nor Dark, she begins to think she’ll spend her life in the shadows, undeserving of Beck’s love and alone with her secret.

When the paths of Beck and Morgan collide again, there isn’t time for doubt or fear. They must work together to tackle the Dark soul that wants them both dead. To do so, there can be no more secrets between them.

Without Trust, Love and Light, the witchlings will perish.

cooltext1889171582 copy4/5 Stars


  • Morgan is beautifully scarred but not broken. She’s got a golden soul, full of heart and love that she’s scared to share because of her past. Morgan is headstrong, determined, a fiery little minx that will latch on to your heart and have you cheering her on. It’s heartbreaking the extent of the damage her past wrecked on her soul. Her memories trigger, her trauma is harsh and dark and it hurts to see someone so strong cower in fear. Morgan fights with extreme courage, risking everything and sacrificing her heart to spread the Light. It’s inspiring to watch Morgan grow and learn to love. 
  • Beck is distraught, confused, and struggles daily with his worthiness to save the Light. Beck has made several mistakes that have altered his life dramatically and he doesn’t know how to live with the consequences, only that he must. Weighed down by responsibility and loss, Beck wavers in his confidence but overcomes his insecurity when everything is at stake. Beck becomes a man in this story and more importantly, he learns to harness the Light with trust and heart.
  • Beck and Morgan are fire. Raw, hot passion. Off the charts chemistry. Morgan and Beck complete each other. Total opposites they push and pull, daring each other to be better, to grow, and to lay everything on the line for the fate of the world. Together they are invincible. 
  • Noah and Biji. I smell another book. Seriously. I adore Noah and Biji together and they both deserve a happy ending. She’s feisty, he has a big, compassionate heart and a side of bad boy. I can already imagine the heat between them. Reading their small but potent interactions was heartwarming and blissful, you can feel the chemistry rolling off the pages. 
  • The final battle. The anticipation built into a chaotic mess of evil and sinister intention. It’s graphic, dramatic, and bold. The screams of pain, the leaching shadows, the anger in the air, everything equals one epic finale. 


  • What should have been big, climactic explosions of emotional turmoil at the deaths of two horrendous villains were brief, summarized, and even glossed over. Morgan had so much animosity and trauma towards her dark past that this showdown should have figured prominently so that Morgan could heal and find closure; unfortunately this scene was a bit of a letdown.
  • Characters were introduced that had been mentioned in previous books but hadn’t had a large role. Their scenes were brief and unexplored, especially Morgan’s mother. Her personality, her inner demons were hinted at but fizzled out and never came back to the storyline.
  • Decker and Summer were somewhat absent. Their scenes were short and lacked their normal vivaciousness. I found myself seriously missing their spirited personalities and interactions. 

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ARC Review: My Zombie Boyfriend-T. Strange

Bottom image copy0bc5e-myzombieboyfriend4  Goodreads/Amazon/Smashwords

Release Date: April 15, 2015

Genres: Paranormal/Horror, Contemporary, M/M, New Adult

cooltext1804448395 copyEdward Grey is a medical student by day, necromancer by night. He lives alone with the first zombie he ever raised, his childhood cat, Boo. Edward’s life is simple: studying medicine, training his necromantic powers with his mentor, Mariel, and having weekly dinners with his parents. When he finds a very attractive corpse in a park and brings it home to reanimate, he creates a sassy, free-willed zombie who believes Edward is the one who murdered him. With no memory of his former life, Edward names the zombie Kit and tries to win his trust. Kit slowly adjusts to his new un-life with Edward’s help, though he’s still suspicious of Edward’s role in his death and is convinced that Edward is hiding his former identity. Edward is very attracted to Kit, but understands why Kit doesn’t trust him. As they become closer to one another, Kit turns to Edward for comfort and love. The fragile trust they’ve built together will be tested when Kit unexpectedly regains his memory and seeks revenge on his murderers. cooltext1804462224 copyShopping with Kit was a nightmare.

I expect my clothes to cover publicly unacceptable bits, keep me warm, and protect me from the environment. That’s about all I require of them. No. Kit was into Fashion. With a capital F.

He looked at racks of shirts that, color aside, all seemed identical to me. He kept staring at the labels. I got more than a little impatient. It had been a long day. Not to mention my long night raising the temperamental dead.

“Kit,” I groaned, “money is not an issue. Just pick whatever you want and I’ll buy it for you. I literally do not care how much it costs.”

Kit’s mouth fell open in a perfect, sexy ‘O’ of exaggerated horror. “You think I’m looking at the prices? Oh, Edward. That’s so cute.”

He thought I was cute? I knew he was teasing me, but I still liked hearing him say it. My headache was back. This seemed to be a trend with Kit around. If he wasn’t looking at the prices, what was taking him so long?

I took a deep, soothing breath. On the plus side, Kit had obviously relaxed since being out in public. I had heard of retail therapy but never before witnessed its effect. He was practically glowing as he chattered on about the relative merits of this and that brand, designer and logo. It was a soothing wash of words that meant absolutely nothing to me, so I nodded, smiled, and tried not to focus on how pretty his mouth was, the way his hands seemed to hang in the air when he spoke, how amazing his hair looked even in the terrible mall lighting. It was a good thing he was so pretty, or I probably would have killed him and left. It would be so easy, too. One word and he would collapse, his reanimated essence disappearing while I walked out of the store and back into my nice, normal medical student/necromancer life.

“Hello? Earth to Edward. I’m ready.” He thrust a very large bundle of clothes into my arms and stood there, all but tapping his foot. He smiled and said, “Oh, yes. We still have to get shoes.”

cooltext1804472332 copy4/5 Stars

***I was fortunate enough to beta read this book :)

My Zombie Boyfriend is an unexpected love story. It’s hard to imagine zombies as sexy or compassionate but T. Strange takes zombies and makes them so full of life you forget they’re undead ;) 


  • Edward is smart, dorky, kind of dark in an Ichabod Crane way. He’s grounded and rational, the complete opposite of Kit. Edward doesn’t understand why dressing to the nines is important or how to socialize. He’s so awkward it’s endearing. 
  • Kit is gorgeous, eclectic, made of sass and an all out fashionista. He’s a bit of a snob too. Kit pushes Edward out of his comfort zone and brings light into their dreary, dull household. Kit can be snarky and rude and sometimes he doesn’t even know how mean he’s being. I swooned over his good looks and fashion sense. Hot. 
  • Boo. Boo is simultaneously the most disgusting and charming beast. He’s got so much personality you can imagine his thoughts. Boo is a nightmare, he’s like all of those sinister cat videos where they just knock your stuff of the table for fun and then glare at you like you’re the problem. He’s destructive, violent, a kind of creepy lurker but lovable in the way Draco Malfoy is. ;) 
  • Kit and Edward are adorable together. Edward’s infatuation reads like puppy love but develops into so much more. They’re playful and drive each other crazy. They both have quirks that irritate one another but somehow it works. Some scenes are too perfect for words. They have a natural flow that will make you laugh out loud and fall hard for Edward and Kit. My Little Pony. Hysterical. Their banter is quick and witty, full of barbs that are made up for with little tokens of forgiveness. Crazy cute. 
  • You will never look at a rubber duck the same again. Every time I go into a store and see something rubber duck related I think of this book and smile. You might suddenly feel compelled to collect rubber ducks. Beware. The struggle is real. 
  • Bone was by far my favorite character. He’s disturbing and macabre. Fascinated by death he doesn’t have boundaries and does what he wants. He’s terrifying  half the time but there’s a badness that’s way sexy. 


  • Mariel is a sort of skeevy weirdo. She’s a temptress without being sexy. It’s the most bizarre thing. Plus, she’s got wicked voodoo skills. She’s a force to be reckoned with but extremely unlikable and kind of wishy-washy as an antagonist.cooltext1804451952 copyMy Zombie Boyfriend is T. Strange’s first full-length novel, though she has published several shorter works with Torquere Press. When not writing, T. enjoys gardening, spending time with her horse, and, of course, reading. T. lives in Canada with her wife, surrounded by pets. 

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ARC Review: Step-Dom (Stepdaddy Dom)-T.S. Irons

Preface: I don’t typically post erotica or taboo on this site because it is geared towards a specific audience. That being said, I read and reviewed this for a friend and if this is something that will offend you or you’re under 18 skip to the next post. Thank you :) 

Final Stepdaddy Dom CoverGoodreads/Amazon/B&N/Smashwords

cooltext1889161239 copyMy life was almost perfect. I had a job I loved that made me a ton of money. I had the perfect wife who was sexy, smart, and loved to play games in the bedroom. And then there was Riley, my eighteen-year-old stepdaughter, the bane of my existence. She was a spoiled brat that needed to be taught a lesson, and I was going to bend her into submission.

Warning: This is a smutty taboo tale. If it’s not your thing, don’t one click!

cooltext1889171582 copy3/5 Stars

***I received this ebook as a gift in exchange for an honest review via the author 


  • Stepdaddy Dom (Step-Dom) is short, dirty, and just the right amount of taboo. It’s raunchy and stimulating, keeps your attention and gives you just enough without jumping the line into step-by-step description.
  • Riley’s mother was a big surprise. Her brief inclusion was mysterious, shocking, and playful. She has a powerful, if short presence that has you hungering for more.
  • Stepdaddy has a vulgar, dirty mouth and he uses just the right phrasing. His thoughts are provocative, his actions deliberate, he’s everything you’d want in a dominant character. Told from his perspective, you get the full visual and the thought process as he schemes for new tantalizing ways to drive Riley crazy.


  • Some scenes were quick-paced and didn’t have enough time to build up. I would have liked to see more graphic descriptions of activities.
  • Parts were unrealistic (not that many smutty books are) especially Riley’s active participation. Riley displayed hardly any resistance what so ever and almost just shrugged off what should have been a terrifying experience of being locked up. The fear wasn’t there, even briefly. Riley jumped from one a momentary pause at her stepfather’s actions to full on inhibition and submission.
  • Characters were what you’d expect at face value. Riley, Riley’s mother, and her stepfather were all intriguing but lacked exploration beyond their surface traits.

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